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Tool Kits

At NOMAD, we recognize that maintaining your bike and gear doesn’t always measure up to the thrill of riding up or down daring climbs, sporting the flashiest apparel, or upgrading your leading-edge gadgets to take your performance to the next level.

We get it. 

If you are a hardcore cyclist like us then we suspect you prefer riding your bike over maintaining it. It’s a whole lot more fun to be cruising along a scenic route or bracing for heroic uphills than it is to set your bike up on a stand to perform preventive maintenance or, worse, invasive repairs.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the bottom line is that maintenance is crucial for: 

  • The proper functioning of your equipment
  • Your safety on the bike
  • Ensuring you get the most bang for buck spent on your gear

… and more.  

Practicing proper maintenance is hands down the single most critical way to extend the lifespan of your equipment. 

Here’s the good news: If you’re in the market (however reluctantly) for must-have cycling tool kits, then NOMAD is your one-stop shop. At NOMAD we stock a range of cycling specific tool kits to fit all your needs. Don’t let those unexpected repairs keep you from that long Saturday morning ride with your buddies you’ve been counting down to all week.

Our complete cycling tool kits are ideal for new riders and veterans alike who are in the market for a comprehensive tool kit. From regular maintenance and custom tune-ups, to seasonal cleaning, to emergencies, and more, our vast top-of-the-line selection is your ‘go to’ for all your maintenance and repair needs - to expand the lifespan of your bike and cycling gear and, above all, to keep you on (not off) the saddle.  

Still not convinced? 

Here are the top benefits of equipping yourself with a proper tool kit that every cyclist should know. 

A cycling tool kit:  

  • Extends the longevity of your bike. Every cyclist should perform regular maintenance on their bike, and tool kits conveniently equip you to service your bike - wherever your tool kit goes. 
  • Sets you up to perform tune-ups, upgrades (think cool new features), and other enhancements that can optimize your rides and elevate your performance to the next level. 
  • Prepares you to up your game by performing more subtle adjustments, such as customizing the fit of your bike to make your bike feel even more like your own. Tool kits enable you to go the extra mile by ensuring a comfortable ride. 
  • Keeps you from missing out on epic rides (it’s hard - and unsafe - to get on your saddle if your bike is in need of repair). A tool kit can protect you from the disappointment of being left behind when the unexpected occurs. 

So, what tool kit is right for you?

Selecting a tool kit depends on your unique needs. Are you the kind of cyclist who has a passion for building a bike from scratch? Or are you simply after a reliable tool kit companion that will be there for you when you desperately need to maintain or service your bike? Either way, we’re not judging! 

For basic essentials, repairs, and maintenance, check out the PARK TOOL SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter. This option is ideal for cyclists seeking to start their own cycling tool collection. It combines tools to help a home mechanic clean, adjust, maintain, and do some basic repairs on their bike. The SK-4 includes more than 15 genuine Park Tool products that can perform dozens of tasks, and features a custom Park Tool toolbox with extra room for spare parts and more tools if you decide to expand your collection. Cool, right?

For a more comprehensive tool kit for the aspiring home mechanic, check out the PARK TOOL AK-5 Advanced Cycling Tool Kit. PARK TOOL curated this set of 35 hand-picked bike-specific tools to perform maintenance and cleaning as well as a wide variety of repairs and adjustments on just about any bike. This tool kit is the perfect way to start, or add to, your collection of shop quality cycling tools. That’s not it. The AK-5 features a tough toolbox to protect your tools - wherever you take them.

If you’re a minimalist who desires the finest quality of tools, SILCA never strays from innovative premium tools that dazzle with their aesthetic design. For tighter workspaces, check out SILCA’S sleek HX-One Home Essential Kit. It features a complete set of precision S2 steel hex wrenches and bit drivers stored in a fully CNC machined Beechwood carrying case. Who’s it for? The uncompromising cyclist and home mechanic who desires the finest tools in a storage case that looks equally at home on a coffee table or workbench.

There’s more. 

If you’re in the market for an even leaner option, check out PEDRO’S L Torx Wrench Set. 

This torx wrench set, which features T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 sizes and a convenient holder, is made from heat-treated SNCM-V alloy steel to ensure lasting performance. Plus, the extra length provides excellent leverage and access to hard-to-reach bolts.

What are you waiting for? Check out these - and other - tool kits. Shop tool kits at NOMAD today.

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