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Mini Pumps

A mini pump is a bike pump that is compact enough to fit in your back pocket, saddle pack, or inside your frame, so you can always take it with you on a ride. At a minimum, it needs to pack enough punch so that, if you happen to get a flat (it happens!), you can get back without bottoming out your rim. In a nutshell, mini pumps are a no-brainer for any cyclist.

Travelling light is a cardinal rule of thumb for cyclists - to fuel non-stop riding and high performance. Luckily, with a portable mini pump in tow, you never have to compromise between weight and preparation. Avoid being caught with a deflating tire without the means of fixing it. A situation, like this, can almost certainly make or break your ride. To avoid unfortunate mishaps, ensure you pack a mini bike pump on all your rides. Given their portability, mini pumps can be easily stored in your pack, tucked into your jersey, or even become an extension of your bike by simply clipping it to the frame.

At NOMAD, we recognize that no one size fits all. That’s why we stock a vast range of options to suit your budget and preferences. 

SILCA’s popular Tattico Bluetooth® mini pump embeds a Bluetooth®-enabled pressure transducer inside of SILCA’s award-winning Tattico mini-pump, allowing you to read large-scale pressures (accurate to 1%) on your Apple or Android device in real-time. Cool, right? If you’re a discerning cyclist who requires accurate inflation pressure control, then this could be the mini pump for you.

Alternatively, SILCA’s Pocket Impero frame pump is sized to fit your pocket and is well-suited for the adventure cyclist who requires efficient and dependable inflation when performing a road or trailside tire repair (presta only!). 

But there’s more. 

LEZYNE’s Carbon Drive Lite HP is a compact, lightweight hand pump optimized for high pressure set ups. It features an MCT composite barrel and hand handle in an efficient overlapping design.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Pack a mini pump on your next ride to ensure you’re ready for whatever the road, gravel, or trail throws your way. Shop mini pumps at NOMAD today.

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