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Pedro's tools being used to remove a cassette from wheel

Pedro's Cycling Tools Brand Story

In 1989, roommates Bruce Fina and Andrew Herrick founded the Pedro's brand around a revolutionary chain lube, Syn Lube, developed by Bruce's tribologist brother.

Friends of Bruce and Andrew were living and racing mountain bikes in the Pacific Northwest and couldn't find a lube that would last an entire race in the muddy conditions. The other Teflon-based chain lubes couldn't handle the mud. Formulated with extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, and tackifiers to provide incredible wear protection, lubrication, and staying power in extreme wet and muddy conditions, Syn Lube quickly became the lube of choice.

Once mountain bikers tried Syn Lube and experienced its performance, news spread swiftly, demand skyrocketed, and the Pedro's brand was officially off to the races!

By 2000, Pedro's added a complete line of professional grade tools, uniquely positioning itself as a complete bicycle maintenance brand.

Today, Pedro's proudly carries on the brand's traditions of customer focus, grassroots support, and easy-going attitude while continuing to offer innovative, quality tools that last, and safe, high performance bike care that keeps your bike running right so you can get the most out of every ride.

Why NOMAD Loves Pedro's Cycling Tools

At NOMAD, we love Pedro's customer focus, grassroots support, easy-going nature, and growing line of eco friendly products.

The brand is committed to offering innovative, quality tools that last, and safe, high performance bike care that keeps our bikes running right so we can get the most out of every ride - and this is a mission we can get behind!

Fundamentally, Pedro's tools are designed by employing the top materials in pursuit of superior performance and quality. Designed and engineered in-house, Park Tool's collection offers true innovations that enhance the art of bicycle mechanics.

At the heart of the Pedro's brand is a passion for bringing its customers superior solutions to each task, from the simple to the very complex. It does this with the right tools, which lead to more epic (and safe) rides.

Shop Pedro's cycling tools in Canada with NOMAD.

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