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Rear view of cyclist standing up of Fizik saddle

Fizik Brand Story

The first think people ask about the Fi'zi:k brand is: why is it spelled like that and how do you pronounce it? It should be easy because Fi'zi:k is the phonetic spelling of physique...ohhh...makes sense now, right?

Fizik was created in 1996 with a vision of creating beautiful and performance oriented cycling gear for the world's most discerning cyclists. A lofty goal, but following numerous world tour victories and countless design awards, it's fair to say that Fizik has largely followed through.

The company pours a phenomenal number of hours into ensuring you can get the most of your cycling experience. From shoes to saddles and bar tape, Fizik is all about the critical points at which rider meets bicycle.

Why NOMAD Loves Fizik

Fizik saddles. It's that simple, we love their saddles. Anyone who has ever experienced chafing or saddle sores (haven't we all?) knows that the oft forgotten piece of the bike you spend the least time looking at, might just be the most critical to a comfortable ride. When you find that saddle that just seems to work, you never want to give it up. Fizik Antares Vs Evo? Yes, please.

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