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CLIF Brand Story

CLIF Bar and Company all started on a day-long, 175 mile bike ride. It's a simple, yet powerful story: Founder, Gary, took a bite of another energy bar and thought to himself, 'I could make a better bar than this'. And he did. Today, the brand maintains its commitment to make things better: Its products, the company, and even our planet.

Why NOMAD Loves CLIF Bar and Company

What is there not to love about CLIF products?

At NOMAD, we are consumers of them all - energy chews, gels, and bars. We're pretty intentional about the sources of nutrition we draw upon to fuel our rides, particularly the day-long or weekend-long rides when we head out on our bike packing adventures - and CLIF readies us to stave off muscle fatigue and drive performance.

Among our favourites are the CLIF Bloks Energy Chews. They are easy solids to consume on the bike and are packed with energy to fuel our ride. We're fans of the CLIF Shot Energy Gels, too. They are available in different flavours, which helps to change things up a bit when our taste buds stop tasting the magic after a long streak of reaching for the same treats.

CLIF Bloks Energy Chews

To provide athletes with another energy food option, CLIF created CLIF Shot Bloks Energy Chews. Simple-to-handle and with a nutrition profile similar to CLIF Shot Energy Gels, CLIF Shot Bloks provide athletes with another option for their performance nutrition program.

CLIF Bloks are the latest nutrition option for endurance athletes. CLIF Bloks are available in chewable, 35-calorie cubes, making it easy to customize and track intake during long outings and races.

CLIF Shot Energy Gels

CLIF Shot is an easily-digested source of carbohydrates and electrolytes for performance athletes during activity. It is the only energy gel made with 85-90% organic ingredients giving athletes essential nutrition for performance.

Whether it's their gear or their food, endurance athletes can't afford to be loaded down with anything superfluous that doesn't directly enhance performance. CLIF Shot Energy Gels can help improve endurance performance with their fast-acting energy source from carbohydrates, organic maltodextrin, and organic cane sugar.

Shop CLIF in Canada with NOMAD.

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