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Challenge Tires Brand Story

When Clément was dropped by Pirelli, Max Brauns recognized the potential in a renowned, high-caliber brand of handcrafted tubulars beloved by many in the racing and cycling community. Despite not securing the Clément name from Pirelli, Brauns continued making tubulars for other companies. In 2000, he and his son Alex launched their own venture, aptly named 'Challenge,' to reflect the daunting task of establishing a new premium, handcrafted tire brand.

Since its inception, Challenge has positioned itself at the forefront of designing and innovating handcrafted bicycle tires for cyclists focused on performance. The company takes pride in producing top-notch Handmade Tubulars and Open tires (Clincher tires) in its Thailand-based factory, utilizing the finest natural rubber and latex, sourced directly from where they are cultivated.

Challenge combines these prime natural rubber materials with casings crafted from the highest quality silk, cotton, or polyester to create tires that are not only supple but also boast a high thread count (TPI), earning accolades in various cycling disciplines (Track, TT, Tri, Road, Gravel, CX, MTB) over the years.

With roots in Italy and additional companies in Switzerland, the U.S.A., and Thailand, Challenge has expanded its global presence, distributing to roughly 40 countries worldwide. The company remains largely family-operated, with more family members joining the ranks.

Presently, Challenge stands as a vibrant and family-oriented brand, continuously developing and manufacturing handcrafted tires for performance-oriented cyclists. At its factory, Challenge combines the highest-grade natural rubbers with superior silk, cotton, polyester, and latex to produce distinct, high-performance tires through a handcrafted process that remains a rare art form mastered by few.

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