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ABUS Bike Locks and Helmets

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ABUS Helmets

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ABUS Brand Story

ABUS bike locks and helmets have humble beginnings, dating back to 1924, when the (then) family business began by producing padlocks for their local community. in the cellar of the founder’s family home. August Bremicker and his sons first started producing locks in the cellar of the family home. Ever since, going on four generations strong, the brand has been in the business of offering its customers the gift of security and has expanded its reach into global operations. Today, the brand has a worldwide reputation for being synonymous with the highest levels of security.

The brand’s mission is simple: To protect lives and valuables through ‘security built on quality’. To this end, it makes a responsible contribution to providing security solutions that help its customers feel safe and secure – no matter where they are or, in the case of helmets, what they are doing.

Engineered in Germany, ABUS products pack a punch: They are durable, reliable, easy to handle, and of the highest quality. Rooted in tireless efforts, innovative ideas, and expertise and know-how in the design of its products, the brand has rightfully earned its global reputation for innovation in all-things security and safety.


Easy. If you’re anything like us and have an overprotective relationship with your bike, then you probably know the sinking feeling of wondering whether your bike is still perched against the fence out front of the office or the coffee house where you’re now indulging in a post-ride espresso with your peloton buddies.

Bike are stolen far too often and we don’t want it to happen to any cyclist. Luckily, for riders like you, there’s ABUS locks to protect your bike and provide the peace of mind you need. Any type of bike lock you are looking for is on offer, from cable locks to U-locks. The hardest part is deciding which one will best your needs in securing your bike.

And, if that’s not enough, the company also produces some of the finest helmets we’ve had the privilege of strapping to our heads. Super lightweight, not over-built, but with the same protective qualities of the locks for which they first became famous. You don’t know lightweight, breezy ventilation until you’ve tried the Airbreaker. It’s become one of our go to helmets, particularly for summer road cycling when Canada starts to feel a bit more like Europe and all it’s amazing routes.

ABUS Bike Helmets

Whereas cyclists are more likely to recognize the brand for its locks, let’s not forget the globally-renowned ABUS helmets.

ABUS helmets enable performance while ensuring safety. State-of-the-art design means they are suitable for every terrain, be it road, gravel, or something even knarlier. With the this brand, you can count on helmets designed with premium-quality materials, optimal ventilation, and high levels of comfort. That means, whether you’re a professional rider or an amateur who craves epic adventures in the saddle – on the road or off the beaten path – ABUS is there to deliver the protection you need.

The features are wide-ranging: Multi-position design to drive optimal aerodynamics, forced air cooling technology, GameChanger’s innovative FlowStraps, floating padding, ActiCage, and more. So whether you want a bike helmet which is light and breathable or something suitable to race the clock in your local time-trial, ABUS has you covered.

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ABUS Bike Locks

We have one word for ABUS bike locks: Carefree. With ABUS, cyclists get award-winning, high-quality U-locks, chain locks, and folding locks. For example, the BORDO has revolutionized the bicycle lock and designed a new type of lock – the folding lock. And with chain locks, cyclists benefit from the highest level of security. Many of the models even come with replaceable keys because you’ll lose the key before the lock loses your bike.

We carry a selection of our favourite locks that offer top level bike security at a variety of price points. Don’t see the exact lock that you want? Reach out to us and we will be happy to order it in for you so you can lock your bike in any environment.

And remember, bike locks make for popular gifts for the cyclists in your life.

Shop ABUS bike locks in Canada with NOMAD.

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