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DMT Shoes

DMT Shoes
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DMT KR4 Road Shoes Grey angle
DMT KR4 Road Shoes


DMT SH1 Road Shoes Black/Black
DMT SH1 Road Shoes


DMT KR0 Road Shoes Grey Right
DMT KR0 Road Shoes


DMT KRSL Road Shoe White angle
DMT KRSL Road Shoe


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DMT WKM1 Winter MTB Shoe


Tadej Pogacar crossing the finish line in DMT Shoes

DMT Shoes Brand Story

If you're a fan of the Tour de France, you're probably familiar with DMT shoes or, at the very least, may recognize the lace up footwear worn by two-time winner Tadej Pogacar.

DMT is an Italian brand of high-end cycling shoes which exudes passion for the art of footwear. The brand was originally established in 1996, but the founder's heritage and passion for cycling shoes extends much further back. Now a larger company with operations in multiple countries, the commitment to design and manufacture of bike shoes that meet the exacting needs of serious cyclists still shines through and can't be faked. To this day, human hands are an integral part of the design and manufacture of the cycling shoes, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship and quality in every pair.

Why NOMAD Loves DMT Cycling Shoes

At NOMAD, we can't help but get excited by new kit,  advancements in cycling technology, and the sneak peeks of unreleased products from the upper echelons of the sport. We tune in eagerly to the grand tours every year to see the form of the top riders in the world, but also to see what new and exciting technologies are being tested and, of course, what the UCI might ban next...

For us, DMT shoes are synonymous with the pointy edge of the field, but at the same time when we think of their knit uppers and attention to detail, it all just screams comfort-meets-performance. Most of us won't ever understand what it's like to stand on the podium, but we all appreciate the sheer joy of flying along a road or trail when the morning dew is still lifting, the world isn't fully awake yet, and we're about to crack a personal best. DMT and top athletes work harder than anyone to gain an edge, we just get to enjoy it.

The Knit Revolution

Tadej Pogacar holding DMT cycling shoes

DMT has been producing knitted footwear for major sports and fashion brands for more than 10 years; in 2018, after 12 months of development, they transferred knit technology to the world of cycling by producing the first cycling shoe with a fully knitted upper.

DMT has brought Engineered 3D Knit technology to the entire DMT collection and it changes the way cycling shoes are worn and "felt". Trying on a pair of DMT knit shoes will totally change your conception of cycling shoes. Lightweight, less bulky, excellent fit, greater breathability and quick drying. Without any compromise between fit and support thanks to the slightly elastic construction.

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