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Enve Brand

ENVE Brand

Durable, lightweight, rigid, and aerodynamically efficient – these are qualities you seek, and the ENVE team is passionate about delivering them. Their motivation is fueled by a daily commitment to excellence, reflected in the high praise their wheels and components garner from users, competitive cyclists, and press alike.

ENVE's dedication means they never cut corners on materials, manufacturing methods, or performance to meet a certain price. With ENVE, there are no second-best options. You're not just purchasing a label or a reputation; you're investing in superior engineering. The ENVE stamp signifies the pinnacle of their craft.

ENVE's handcrafted rims and wheelsets are produced in their cutting-edge facility in Ogden, Utah, USA. This hub integrates manufacturing, assembly, design, research and development, testing, customer service, and their corporate team. This comprehensive setup provides unparalleled oversight, management, and synergy, which would be unattainable otherwise.

How do they balance lightness, strength, rigidity, and aerodynamic design? They achieve the perfect harmony. The SES road wheels embody a blend of these characteristics unrivaled in the industry. They deliver astounding speed, drawing from sophisticated aerodynamics shaped in the wind tunnel, and their superior stiffness-to-weight ratio ensures quick acceleration and responsive handling.

Furthermore, the wheels are designed to redefine the stability of aero wheels in crosswinds, providing such a stable ride that the wind becomes a negligible factor, eliminating any concern for the rider.

ENVE Partners with Team TotalEnergies

ENVE recently shared exciting news of its further foray into professional cycling by partnering with Team TotalEnergies. This collaboration sees the team outfitted with ENVE's Melee road bikes and top-tier SES wheels. The alliance positions ENVE within the elite pro cycling circuit, participating in major global events with a team renowned for its rich legacy.

The recently unveiled Melee road bike by ENVE will serve as the primary race bike for the team. Team riders will also have a selection of American-made handlebars, including the one-piece or two-piece options that feature the SES Aero Road Bar and SES AR Bar.

For the wheels, the team can choose from a variety of SES models manufactured in the USA, such as the 2.3, 3.4, 4.5, and 6.7, providing the optimal match for different race venues and conditions.

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