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Restrap Brand Story

Restrap began with humble beginnings in the back bedroom of a UK home in 2010. From a single sewing machine, founder Nathan made pedal straps, first for himself, then for his friends. As interest grew, so did Restrap, and the company quickly developed a full range of bags, luggage and accessories that are available today. If you've seen these bags, you understand that the back bedroom quickly became too small. Today Restrap occupies a large workshop, and has become a close-knit team of machinists, designers, family and friends.

Why NOMAD Loves Restrap

At NOMAD, we love the brand because it immediately conjures thoughts of backcountry adventure, escape from the boardroom or day-to-day routine, and demonstrates the quality that comes from a labour of love. Canada, with its vast landscapes and unending opportunities for exploration, feels like the perfect home away from home for a brand that enables you to venture ever further into nature, wilderness, and the unknown. Not quite that adventurous? It's okay to use their 'City Line' to be just a bit more green in a Canadian metropolis too - the quality and attention to detail is there for any adventure.

Restrap Carry Everything Line

Bike fully loaded with Restrap bags in a winter setting

Touring made simple - Restrap "rackless" bags mount to any bike, allowing you to carry what you need, wherever you go. And yes, rackless means really darn easy to put on your bike and remove again when you've reached your destination and want to do some local exploring. Like all Restrap products, the Carry Everything line is handmade in Yorkshire using fully waterproof materials. These bags are made to be durable, simple and easy to use, letting you focus on your adventure. From casual road riding to smashing off road trails, these bags will allow you to Carry Everything, everywhere.

Restrap Adventure Race Range

images of rider on bike using Restrap adventure race series

Aimed at ultra distance riders, Restrap pushed the boundaries of design and manufacturing capabilities to produce the lightest complete race range yet, weighing less than 1kg in total.

If you need to go far, but also want to go fast, this might be the on-bike bag set for you with a more minimalist design than the Carry Everything series. We use it at NOMAD when we just want to be a little faster than our riding mates - it never hurts to have a little bit more energy to take in the surroundings.

Restrap Expedition Range

Man on bike loaded with Restrap Expedition series bags

For a more traditional touring setup, Restrap's Expedition Range is designed to work seamlessly with racks and baskets for commuters and tourers, and is a great way to keep your kit organised for commuting or longer trips away. Seriously, you could do an unsupported ride across Canada with this set! Okay...that's probably overly ambitious for most of us, but we do love bike travel.

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