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Schwalbe Brand Story

Schwalbe is the bike tire specialist and an innovation driver in the global bike industry.

Its story can be traced back to 1973 when the brand was established and emerged as a standard-setter in the bicycle tire market. The launch of the legendary Schwalbe Marathon tire in 1983, with its unprecedented mileage, was met with tremendous enthusiasm by keen cyclists, bicycle dealers, and trade journalists.

When Schwalbe launched the first off-road tires in the mid-nineties, the company swiftly gained a reputation as the top brand among mountain bikers. Today, millions of MTB riders across the globe swear by Schwalbe MTB tires.

Schwalbe's mission is to design tire technology that fuels the optimum riding experience. Whether you have a city bike, touring bike, road bike, gravel bike, or MTB, you probably already know that the tires affect the riding experience like no other bike component.

The choice of tire not only determines how well the wheel grips the ground, but also influences how easily and comfortably the bike rolls. That's what users of Schwalbe entrust to the brand when they gear up with its products.

Why NOMAD Loves Schwalbe

At NOMAD, we recognize there is a lot that goes into bike tires: Ideally, the tire combines a whole host of characteristics, such as maximum grip, high mileage, optimum rolling properties, low weight, and reliable resistance to punctures.

Together, these properties can result in very tangible outcomes for cyclists that could mean the difference between a pleasant ride and a not-so-pleasant ride.

Schwalbe works tirelessly to enhance the riding experience for all us cyclists - day in, day out - and we're glad they do!

Shop Schwalbe tires in Canada with NOMAD.

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