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Sidi Cycling Shoes

Sidi Cycling Shoes
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SIDI Alba 2 Road Shoes


SIDI Fast Road Shoes


Sidi MTB Gravel shoes rear
SIDI MTB Gravel Shoes


Sidi Genius 10 Black
SIDI Genius 10 Road Shoes


Sidi Shot 2 road shoes rear view
SIDI Shot 2 Road Shoes



Team Ineos paceline wearing Sidi shoes

Sidi Shoes Brand Story

Have you ever watched a world tour road or MTB race, the Olympics, or even some motocross? Of course you have, or you wouldn't be on this page looking up top echelon cycling shoes. Sidi has been in the business of producing specialized mountain sports shoes since 1960. From a small artisan workshop to an authority in both motorcycle boots and performance cycling shoes, the commitment to quality, technological innovation, and a little bit of tradition has never waned.

The company was founded by Dino Signori, who more than 60 years later continues to attend the office with his daughter, Rosella. The storied cycling history of the brand began in 1973 when Dino returned to cycling after a 17 year hiatus, to lose weight, and was appalled by the lack of innovation in cycling shoes of the day. He immediately set in on the development of an adjustable cleat and thus began a tradition of innovation, which continues to this day.

Sidi Cycling shoes original office building

Some 49 years later, Sidi cycling shoes have graced the feet of many legends of the sport - most recently Chris Froome, Egan Bernal, Sonny Colbrelli, and many more. Yet despite the pedigree of footwear fit for the top step of the podium, Sidi shoes are built to last and offer replacement parts that can keep your favourite pair of cycling shoes on your feet for years to come. Sidi Cycling Shoes new office building

Sidi Technology

Sidi is famous for producing some of the most advanced technology in cycling. From proprietary tension dials to replaceable non-slip heels and vented carbon sole technology, the latest offerings from Sidi are the result of 60 plus years of innovation and hand-crafted know how. The trickle down of technology from shoes like the premium Shot 2 mean that even entry level models from Sidi are rich with features and world class in their own right. See individual products for more.

Why NOMAD Loves Sidi Cycling Shoes

At NOMAD, we love Sidi shoes because they are traditional, they care about where the sport has come from, and they honour the history of the sport. But, at the same time Sidi is at the cutting edge of development, pioneering new cycling shoe technology that only a die hard cyclist with plenty of miles (or kilometers, if you wish) on the bike can fully appreciate. It really doesn't matter whether you're a roadie, an enduro rider, or something in between, to appreciate what Sidi have on offer.

If we're being honest, Sidi shoe aesthetics have been polarizing at times (yes, we admit we found some of them rather hideous), but recently we see nothing not to love as Sidi has really stepped it up and abandoned some of the crazy colours of yesteryear. But, of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The following Sidi cycling shoes are available at NOMAD now and many more are on the way for spring 2022.

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