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The Light After Dark

The VZUM Lens

High Definition Lens By Alba Optics
Light is a fundamental component that determines our choices. VZUM™ lenses have only one objective: to provide athletes with the maximum visual experience in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. The range of colours carefully developed by ALBA Optics aims to enhance colour saturation and balance visual contrasts, thus increasing the perception of sharpness and details.
The material of which VZUM™ lenses are composed of is a durable ultra-light polycarbonate. This offers fundamental protection to avoid straining eyes and the lenses maintain these characteristics for the total cycle of use.
Thanks to this versatility, VZUM™ lenses offer the best sports experience ever.
Alba Optics VZUM Lens


Improving visual perception. Enhancing the beauty of colours sensitivity and contrast with the built-in colour equalizer.


The shield coating will help to keep the lens protected, increasing the lens life without disturbing your field of vision.


From UV and luminous intensity following degrees of natural light, it reduces the intensity of light without compromises.
VZUM™ sun lenses act like an equaliser to enhance the perception of colours while reducing overall light to a comfortable level.
Alba Optics VZUM lens side by side comparison

UV and Blue Light Protection

Filtering only the visible spectrum and protecting the eyes from potential harmful exposure.
When it comes to personal sun protection, it is essential that we look after our eyes the same way we protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Our eyes are incredibly vulnerable when exposed to UV light, leading to long-term damage and loss of vision.
Various solutions to effectively protect against UV rays, bright light and reflections do exist.
However not all of these solutions offer performance enhancing qualities in a sporting environment. Offering a fine balance between colour and the level of eye protection: the choice of VZUM™ lenses with or without correction depends on one’s personal sensitivities. But for activities such as sailing, skiing or high altitude trekking, the level of protection may need to be stronger.

Alba Optics Blue Light ChartAlba Optics VZUM Blue Light Explanation
UV Light Transmission
Blue Light Transmission

F-Lens Technology

The VZUM ™ F-LENS technology is an interchangeable photochromatic lens that adapts itself to the intensity of the light present in the environment. It automatically changes colour, shielding off harmful UV rays of any sort.
Their temporary transformation takes place in a short period of time, gradual and independent of any atmospheric factors. The optical strain is reduced to a minimum and the lenses remain active even on a cloudy day.
Alba Optics VZUM F-Lens colour comparison
Alba Optics VZUM F-Lens visual comparison

Spherical Lens

Better glare defense, more optically correct with minimum distortion.
The spherical 3D curved shape contributes to the natural ventilation of your sunglasses, slowing down the condensation or fogging for optimised vision in all weather conditions. The mask shape of the lens offers an extra wide field of vision for quicker reaction time during the ride.
Compatible with the Alba Optics Optical Clip, this shaped lens is lighter in weight, reducing the overall weight of your equipment for ultimate comfort in both short and long sessions. The shape conforms to the face and offers great protection against insects, wind, dust and light.
Alba Optics VZUM Spherical Lens

Alba Optics Brand Story

ALBA Optics' story begins with the pursuit of an original mould - of iconic shapes inspired by the Italian flare of the 1980s - adapted to modern-day technology. Guided by this grand ambition, the founders launched their inaugural cycling sunglasses model - the legendary DELTA.

It's hard to overstate the brand's pride in its founding heritage and its deep connection to Italy - a country with a rich history in both the cycling and sunglasses industries. Indeed, core to the brand's business ethos and authenticity is producing its cycling sunglasses in the company's birthplace.

To equip athletes from far-flung corners of the planet, its founders are relentless on designing cycling sunglasses that are aesthetically pleasing - all while enabling peak performance. At the heart of the brand is a burning passion for revolutionary cycling sunglasses that drive performance and results, but an enhanced quality of life, too. In the words of its founders: The goal is not to finish first, but to get to wherever you want, in any condition.

It's a story - and a flourishing legacy - that we can all be proud of.

Why NOMAD Loves Alba Optics

There are countless reasons why we love ALBA Optics at NOMAD. It's pretty simple: As avid cyclists constantly seeking out our next thrill in the saddle, the brand's one-of-a-kind sunglasses enable our performance year-round - in Canada or wherever we happen to be chasing a grueling ride.

We've all been, sticky summer day with sweat dripping all over your lenses? Your cycling sunglasses need a lens with a coating that allows the sweat to run off so you can maintain your view of the road or trail stretching out in front of you. Funny how maintaining sight lines has a lot to do with safety and enjoyment on the bike! The Alba's have a coating to allow water to bead up, not to mention providing scratch and impact resistance.

Additionally, they offer cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses that are a must-have for any cyclist's kit (check out our ultimate guide for fall and winter cycling as well as our top 10 must-haves for summer cycling for a rundown of the gear you should be stocking in your kit). The S-LENS VZUM ™ ultra-lightweight polycarbonate interchangeable lenses, for example, were designed with a singular goal: To provide athletes - or amateur cyclists, like us - with the ultimate visual experience in all weather conditions and on all terrains.

Last but certainly not least, we would be kidding ourselves if we neglected to praise their aesthetic appeal. As a matter of fact, we love their style so much so that we frequently sport our cycling sunglasses even off the saddle (we suppose you could say they are multi-purpose!). We're strong advocates of sporting sunglasses in all conditions while riding as they provide protection against bugs, dirt, and whatever that guy or gal ahead of you is throwing backwards. So they might as well be a pair that gives you some cool factor, right?

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