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Roswheel Brand Story

Roswheel prides itself on delivering unparalleled quality, pushing boundaries, and designing products and accessories that are fit for purpose.

At the core of Roswheel's mission is a commitment to the power of the bike: Its ability to teach us about ourselves and about others; its simple nature; and how it can be leveraged for fitness, thrills, or travel.

According to Roswheel, the bike creates an opportunity for the rider to have a meaningful journey and a memorable experience. Count us in! Roswheel's purpose is simple: To equip any rider with the accessories they need for that journey - whatever they take, however they ride, and however far.

Roswheel's collection of bags spans its tour series, road series, and off-road series - all in a bid to ready any rider with what they need for whatever journey they're on.

Why NOMAD Loves Roswheel

At NOMAD, we love the sleek design of Roswheel's cycling products and accessories. The brand's unique shaping means tight fitting and flush-feeling bags that sit close and secure to the bike and body, ushering in a fast, light, and convenient bag collection.

To look good is to feel good, and Roswheel's design aesthetic mixes uncompromisingly with refined function. For any of our cycling journeys - however near or far - we rely on Roswheel to help us get there.

Shop Roswheel in Canada with NOMAD.

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