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Lezyne Lights, Pumps, and More

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Lezyne Lights

Class-Leading LED Cycling Lights
An extensive line-up of premium LED bike lights are the must-have ultimate visibility solution - day and night. Equipped with these lights, your ride doesn't have to come to an abrupt stop just because daylight is waning. How did they manage to pull it off? With 15 years of pushing the boundaries of LED design as we know it.

If you venture out beyond dusk, don't risk leaving the house without a light system that packs high lumen output with extended battery life. That means front lights and back lights. We want you to be safe out there.

Lezyne Floor and Mini Pumps

No Compromise Between Performance and Durability
Whether you're in the market for pressure drive floor pumps or hand pumps - LEZYNE has it all, and it prides itself on being the industry leader in intelligent inflation, offering the perfect pump for every bike tire. Plus, if you haven't heard, these floor pumps offer highly-accurate gauges in both analog and digital formats. Cool, right? For example, the CNC Digital Floor Drive features an oversized 3.5″ highly-accurate digital gauge with easy-to-read LCD display, ABS flex hose, and the ability to switch between presta and schrader valves. 

Then there are hand pumps. Don't be fooled: Their compact and lightweight carbon design pack an impressive punch, allowing you to achieve the high pressure that many bicycle tires require even at the roadside. 

Before leaving its in-house production facility, each and every pump goes through rigorous quality control procedures, ensuring that every single pump is operating at maximum performance and accuracy. These are durable units and will serve you for years to come.

High Pressure Pumps

Designed to pair perfectly with Lezyne's high-pressure floor pumps, the ABS-1 Pro chuck builds on the classic ABS Flip Chuck by introducing 90-degree bend for enhanced ergonomics and usability while still maintaining every bit of the ABS Flip Chuck's legendary durability.

The flippable design allows for both Presta and Schrader valve compatibility and threads on for secure, reliable engagement. An integrated Presta valve-core wrench completes the system, providing easy valve core tightening and removal for tubeless systems.

High Volume Gravel Pumps

From road tires that are just as wide as cyclocross tires, to gravel tires that wouldn't look out of place on a mountain bike from 10 years ago, our bikes—and the tires they wear have changed drastically in the past few years. The Gravel Floor Drive series is Lezyne's answer to these changes...

Hard Working Hand Pumps

Featuring advanced materials and precision build quality, Lezyne's line of bike mini pumps offers a wide range of options for all road, gravel and mountain bike applications. Innovative engineering maximizes pumping efficiency while ingenious designs keep sizes compact while bringing more functionality to the category than ever before. From the game-changing ABS Flex Hose that offers simplified pumping action and superior ergonomics—and compatibility with both Presta and Schrader valves—to additional options like high-precision digital gauges and more, Lezyne's latest lineup of hand pumps has raised the bar—again.

Lezyne Brand Story

LEZYNE's story begins in 2007 when industry icon and (then) professional triathlete, Micki Kozuschek, founded Maxcycles to bring affordable, high-quality bikes and apparel to the German market. Contrary to today's wide range of consumer choice on all-things cycling, the market in the early 2000s was rife with poorly-engineered plastic accessories. Enter LEZYNE. It's goal was to engineer premium quality accessories that were on par with the standards of high-end bicycle components. It's vision? Engineered design.

Today, LEZYNE is a cycling accessories industry leader with award-winning products worldwide and real-life experience from sponsorship of the Lotto-Soudal pro cycling team. Innovative products, like the CNC Floor Drive featuring a secure ABS chuck connection and a low-profile digital gauge that makes them the most technologically-advanced hand pumps around. Lightweight products like the Carbon Road Drive with its Full Carbon Technology, and a wide range of seats bags and caddies whose design set the brand apart from the competition.

That's not it.

Since 2011, the company has been hard at work developing LED lights that have set a new bar across the industry. Backed by a rock star team of in-house product designers and engineers, Micki Kozuschek is on a mission to create the highest-quality lights in the industry. That's why all LEZYNE lights (LEDs) are tested in their own integrating sphere - an instrument used to measure the lumen output. Get this: LEZYNE has even developed its own lenses to produce the most optimal optics for bike lights. Cool, right?

This is a brand that keeps pushing the boundaries of the possible by combining a deep love for cycling with an unparalleled passion for design. In a nutshell, you can count on LEZYNE for cycling accessories that are exquisitely designed, intelligently engineered, and functionally complete.

You're welcome.

Why NOMAD Loves Lezyne

What's there not to love about LEZYNE?

Whether you're sporting a bottle cage or frame caddy on your bike, or maintaining your bike with one of the brand's wide-ranging tools, you can rest assured knowing that you are equipping your bike with the finest. With LEZYNE, we can put all of our energy into doing what we love most - riding - whilst Micki Kozuschek and his team of product designers and engineers do the hard work of producing premium quality accessories for us and our bikes.

Our favourite product product has to come from the range of Lezyne pumps. The quality is as good or better than anything we've seen on the market and that ranges from the mini pumps up to the CNC machined floor pumps. These are products that will last a generation, yet come at an affordable price. We have tested out all of the products and we are always happy to assist in making a selection whether you favour the road bike or the mountain bike.

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