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Tool bag containing Park Tool repair book

Park Tool Brand Story

It seems everything was simpler in 1956 - and bicycles were no exception. A common day of repairs consisted of a few flat tires, a broken spoke, and - possibly - a coaster brake hub overhaul. As the 1960s arrived, so did caliper brakes, shifting systems, and lightweight components. One problem surfaced along with these complicated new parts: The lack of appropriate tools that would be up for the job!

That's where Park Tool's story begins. The founders were 'hands on' type of people that were typically solving problems for themselves. In fact, most of Park Tool's early tools were built from scratch with whatever materials the founders could find. Cool, eh!

One of the first time-savers the founders invented was a stand that held the bike off the ground, allowing easy, back-saving access to any part of the bike. This original stand was put together using legs from a dining room table, an empty shell casing, and a truck axle from a 37 Ford. As other shops and, eventually, Schwinn Bicycle Company saw the stand in action, requests were made for a production model. Park Tool Company was born!

The Park Tool collection grew swiftly to encompass a wheel truing stand; more repair stands, including a double arm shop version; wrenches gauges; fixtures; and consumer tools soon joined the company's offerings.

Park Tool's history says a lot about the brand. Today, Park Tool still solves problems itself, and the company still insists on a 'hands-on' philosophy of invention, testing, and production.

Park Tool's founders could have never imagined, back in 1963, that Park Tool Company would grow to what it is today. The brand's pledge for the future is simple: Build the best tools. And it does.

Why NOMAD Loves Park Tool

There's a lot to love about Park Tool.

The brand takes pride in building the top bicycle tools and maintenance equipment in the world - and it delivers on this commitment. It is laser-focused on this mission - it's all it does, and it shows.

When we need to repair our bikes, or pack tools for the road, we always find ourselves reaching for our Park Tools.

Shop Park Tool in Canada with NOMAD.

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