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EVOC Brand Story

The origins of the EVOC Sports brand can be traced back to real adventures in some of the world's most spectacular venues - Arlberg, Austria, Mount Everest Base Camp, and La Paz, Bolivia. In the most extreme conditions, every part of your gear can be critical to your success and even your survival. EVOC's founders concluded the products on the market at the time just didn't meet their needs for ergonomics or protection against falls and scrapes. Throughout the early 2000s, the EVOC brand evolved from experimentation and tinkering for personal use to one of the top bike, snow, and travel brands in sports.

Borne out of an injury from an avalanche shovel in a pre-EVOC backpack, the concept is simple - create bags that protect both the athlete and his/her equipment throughout the entire travel adventure. Protector backpacks for the athlete and finely crafted travel bags and accessories for your equipment. After all, if your bike or gear arrives broken and in pieces, you won't be needing those packs.

The name stands for evolution and high-quality, sporty packs.

Why NOMAD Loves EVOC Sports

At NOMAD, we love travel, cycling, and outdoor adventure. We were using EVOC packs and bike travel boxes before the creation of NOMAD and, in fact, when we created the company it was one of the first brands we identified that we just had to work with. First and foremost, we care about quality in every brand we deal with, but when the product is strapped to your body or carrying your prized road or mountain bike to the next adventure, quality becomes more of an obsession. We all work hard and you can't let poor equipment get in the way of your fun.

We know, luggage and packs aren't the sexiest part of cycling and travel, but arriving in style with your gear neatly organized and in one piece just feels pro and gives you one less thing to worry about. NOMAD was conceived as a travel company prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and it's fair to say we know a thing or two about travel. From experience...sacrificing on the quality of the gear that takes you there can have it all end in tears.

Better Cycling Packs Through Technology

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EVOC Sports was borne out of the desire to create better, more ergonomic, and safer packs and they've developed numerous proprietary technologies to ensure their success. Their Air Circulation System, Air Flow Contact System, Air Pad System, and Air Tune System are all designed to ensure your comfort and cool back on the bike, even when working vigorously in harsh conditions on long adventures. Body Hugging and Brace Link technologies ensure the straps of your backpack fit your anatomy and the pack stays where you want it.

The names might not mean much to you, but when you don the packs for a few hours on a trail or while trapezing through airports, you start to understand what they all mean.

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