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Castelli Brand Story

If you’re a cyclist, particularly a roadie, you’re no doubt familiar with the Castelli cycling clothing brand and scorpion logo, which is one of the most well recognized and iconic symbols of our great sport. The Castelli family’s participation in the highest levels of cycling can be traced all the way back to the 1930’s, when Armando Castelli purchased the Vittore Gianni company. The same company which had been putting cycling clothes on greats such as 5-time Giro winner Alfredo Binda since 1910. The clothing brand continued to service cycling legends through the 1940s and 1950s when up to 12 pro teams wore Vittore Gianni cycling clothes.

The Castelli brand wasn’t officially created until 1974 when Armando’s son, Maurizio, spun off his own company and called it Castelli, complete with an early Scorpion logo. The new company quickly revolutionized the sport with the first lycra shorts, pioneering dye methods to colour fabric, a sublimation process that allowed the printing of sponsors onto bike clothing, and the first ‘windproof’ cycling jersey. Later came more firsts in the sport: thermal cycling clothes, women’s collections, radiant clothing, and the list goes on.

To this day, more than 25 years after the passing of Maurizio Castelli, the brand continues to sponsor pro teams and develop cutting edge cycling clothing to not only put pressure on the clock, but also style in your town line sprint.

Why NOMAD Loves Castelli Cycling

At NOMAD, we love Castelli simply because they make a great product – technically built for performance, without a hint of aesthetic sacrifice. If you need to know what to wear for the upcoming cycling season, look no further than the latest fashions from Castelli – even if you buy a different product when all is said and done, you can be confident the trends will be on point.

Outside of cycling you might question the word technical being used to describe apparel, but when seconds matter on the world tour, technical can be the difference between winning and finishing somewhere in the pack. Of course, most of us won’t ever experience a stage win or what it feels like to ‘pop a V’ in victory, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy form hugging bike clothes that are slippery in the wind. We love the way cycling makes us feel and there is nothing worse when powering along on your aero road bike than the sound of fabric flapping in the breeze.

We’re also enamoured with the storied history of the brand and constant evolution of their products to make themselves a market leader. If Castelli was good enough for Bernard Hinault, Paola Pezzo, and Canada’s own Ryder Hesjedal, who are we to argue?

Cycling Clothing for all Seasons

It generally isn’t difficult to get pumped up to head outdoors on your bike in the Canadian spring and summer. Once the temperature rises, and the sun peaks out, those long winter bike rides on the trainer and seasonal doldrums just seem to melt away. But if you do need some additional motivation or just want to reward yourself for all the effort you’ve put in, stylish Castelli spring and summer on-bike kit is sure to take you there.

While the latest cycling jersey and bib short tech get most of the headlines, Castelli is also a leader in producing cycling clothes for all climates and weather eventualities, which of course, we know all too well in Canada. Beyond the raciest summer bib and jersey kit, Castelli offers bibtights, shoe covers and amazingly technical cold weather jackets. If you need advice on how to get yourself set up and out the door this winter, be sure to check out our blog on dressing for fall and winter cycling or reach out to us for assistance with your Castelli Canada needs.

Apparel for Pro Men and Women

Castelli has provided cycling clothes to some of the greatest male cyclists of all time and they continue producing a large line up every year. New colours, new technology, and new fits, as they take their knowledge from the top of the sport and distill it into products available to us all.

While the men’s collection is still larger than that for women, Castelli was the first major brand to offer an exclusively women’s collection. The company even supported Paola Pezzo to Olympic gold in 1996 – and we’ve gotten over the fact that she beat Canada’s own Alison Sydor…promise!

In 2022, Castelli left Team Ineos and joined forces with QuickStep-AlphaVinyl. You know them well as this is the same team that led the 2021 World Tour win count and seemed to be a fixture at the front of every race. Ultimately this is a win for us all as technology continually trickles down to broaden the offering for people like us. Great products like the Slicker Pro shake-dry rain jacket got their start on the backs of pros and, if you’re lucky, may finish up in your closet.

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