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Cycling Shoes 

Every cyclist needs the right pair of shoes. They’re not just for the pros at the Tour de France. Shoes are instrumental to any cyclist’s kit. So, what cycling shoes are the right fit for you?

At NOMAD, we stock a range of options to suit your preferred style, fit, and budget. There’s something for everyone.

Take SIDI, for example. SIDI is a brand that is synonymous with speed, and SIDI’s Fast Road Shoes live up to that legacy. Their classic design and understated aesthetics will slide seamlessly into your kit so you can slip into the peloton, or friendly shootout, ready to attack.

Want more?

The SIDI Genius 10 and the SIDI Shot 2 Road Shoes won't disappoint. Their cutting edge features, such as the Genius 10’s Soft Instep Closure System or the Shot 2’s Tecno-3 Push Flex will have you feeling like a pro wherever you ride.

Speaking of pros, check out the new era of cycling shoes with the DMT shoes we’re busy stocking, which are famous for gracing the Tour de France on Tadej Pogačar’s feet. DMT combines performance, comfort, lightness, and endurance all into a single no-compromise cycling shoe so that you can focus on what matters most: Pedalling.

Get ready for the range of DMT cycling shoes we’re bringing you - from the WKR1 next generation wet and cold weather road shoe to the WKM1 (its mountain bike equivalent). DMT will challenge you to forget everything you (think you) know about winter shoes.

But there’s more.

The DMT KRSL has a reputation for being the fastest lace shoe on the planet while the SH1 offers the ultimate performance hybrid knit road shoe, and the KR4 ushers in sleek, clean styling and a hybrid knit construction.

So, what are you waiting for?

Shop cycling shoes at NOMAD.

DMT KR4 Road Shoes Grey angle
DMT KR4 Road Shoes


DMT GK1 Gravel Shoes rear angle
DMT GK1 Gravel Shoes


DMT SH1 Road Shoes Black/Black
DMT SH1 Road Shoes


DMT KRSL Road Shoe White angle
DMT KRSL Road Shoe


dmt wkr101
dmt wkm108
DMT WKM1 Winter MTB Shoe


SIDI Fast Road Shoes


Sidi MTB Gravel shoes rear
SIDI MTB Gravel Shoes


Sidi Genius 10 Black
SIDI Genius 10 Road Shoes


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