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Honey Stinger's Brand Story

Whether it's bombing down a technical track on a mountain bike, or simply trying a new routine, there's an athlete in all of us - and athletes need the right fuel to meet every challenge head-on. It's this mission that propelled the Honey Stinger brand to the forefront of nutrition that fuels peak performance.

At the core of Honey Stinger's brand is a commitment to create sports nutrition that leverages nature's natural sweeteners to bring out the top performance in all of us - all while offering a delicious taste.


Because, according to Honey Stinger, pushing through the burn gets a little sweeter when you actually enjoy what you're pumping into your body.

We agree.

Why NOMAD Loves Honey Stinger

At NOMAD, we're fans of Honey Stinger's holistic, three-fold system: Preparation, performance, and recovery. Honey Stinger products are designed specifically for each of these three phases to ensure we all get the nutrients we need, when we need them, and that we can keep pushing our boundaries when we're out there on our bikes ready to confront the next daring uphill (or downhill!).

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