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About POC Sports

POC Helmets

For a Safer Ride

POC Sunglasses

Protection And Style For Your Ride
POC Do Half Blade Sunglasses Uranium Black Gold Silver Mirror lens
POC Do Blade Sunglasses Uranium Black Violet Gold Mirror
POC Do Blade Sunglasses


POC Ora Bike Goggles Front View
POC Ora Bike Goggles


POC Elicit sunglasses uranium black side profile
POC Elicit Sunglasses


Poc Aim Sunglasses Uranium Black Violet Gold Mirror front
POC Aim Sunglasses


Poc Aspire Sunglasses Argentite Silver lens
POC Aspire Sunglasses


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POC Apparel

Performance Gear For Every Occasion
POC Pure Lite Splash Jacket Granite Grey Rear
POC Pure Lite Splash Jacket


Poc Haven Rain Jacket unzipped
POC Haven Rain Jacket


Poc Pro Thermal Jacket Uranium Black
POC Pro Thermal Jacket


POC Y's Essential MTB Shorts rear
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POC History

POC has its origins in Sweden where it was founded in 2005. Already, it is a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor, apparel, and accessories in cycling and snow sports.

The company has a rousing mission: To protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one. That means offering personal protection and safety via products that are designed with unquestionable quality.

POC takes their safety and innovation mission seriously. It has established two scientific forums - POC Lab and WATTS Lab - to convene some of the brightest thinkers in research, medicine, and safety to advise on new and emerging trends that inform products. Armed with this scientific approach, the brand has built a global reputation for breaking with convention, exploring new ideas, and continuously innovating to elevate protection for all, including numerous Olympians, World Champions, elite athletes, and even avid cyclists like us!

For its dedication and hard work, the brand has been recognized with 60+ international safety, design, and innovation awards.

Why NOMAD Loves POC Sports

When we think of POC, we think of all the cycling products we love to sport - Helmets, sunglasses, and bike clothing, including jerseys, bibs, socks, and gloves. What we love most is the brand's ability to perfectly balance performance and protection (plus POC clothing features a cool, sleek aesthetic that can make you feel like a pro or a fun-loving weekend warrior). We know it sounds silly, but feeling cool on the bike just seems to feel a bit faster too. We can dream, right?

Of course, it's not all about feeling cool. We absolutely love brands that make the sport safer. From body armor to the helmets we all wear, POC knows a thing or two about protecting athletes hurtling along rapid descents, be it on snow, tarmac, or dirt.

We're confident you will like them too.

POC Helmets

POC offers a range of cycling helmets. If you're a hardcore cyclist or triathlete on the racing circuit, you'll love the Cerebel Raceday Helmet. Its compact aero design was engineered to enhance aerodynamic performance even when you don't keep your head perfectly still. Plus, it is equipped with a visor from Zeiss and applies a unique magnetic system to stay put. The visor tint was co-developed with Zeiss to enhance the contrast of the road surface, allowing the rider to spot any irregularities or obstacles.

If you're in the market for a comfort first helmet with plenty of airflow (not every bike ride has to be a race after all!), then you'll love the latest high-end performance helmets. Check out the Ventral line for maximum cooling in a stylish shell.

The Ventral helmets are designed to deliver coolness in ways like never before. With precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control air intake and release at both low and high speeds, the helmet provides a supreme cooling effect over the whole head. This makes it the ideal choice for long rides in the mountains, or hotter days in the saddle.

For 2022, POC is moving away from it's proprietary SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) system and adopting MIPS across a wide range of helmets. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is designed to protect against rotational forces during a crash, which can stretch brain tissue and increase the likelihood of brain injury. We all tend to look for aesthetics in a helmet, but we should always remember why it's on our head in the first place.

POC helmets take a backseat to no brand in the race to be the safest and highest performing helmets on the market.

POC Sunglasses

POC isn't just about cycling clothing and helmets. It's in the sunglasses industry, too - and they take vision on the bike very seriously. For example, the Aspire sunglasses have been refined to deliver enhanced performance on the bike while retaining urban style (if you're like us, that means you'll likely sport your POC sunglasses on - and off - the bike!).

Staying true to POC's active heritage, the glasses feature hydrophilic rubber grips on the nose and temple to ensure a secure fit - even when wet. Like their helmets, the sunglasses are optimized for the bike and feature Clarity technology from optical industry leaders, Carl Zeiss Vision Sun lens, which allows the lenses to control the color spectrum for enhanced contrast and color definition to keep your vision sharp.

Both frames and lenses come in a wide variety of colour options so you can dial in your perfect pair - we love the Tortoise and Brown Silver Mirror combination whether we are on or off the bike.

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