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FSA Brand

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) is a leading manufacturer of premium bicycle components for both road cycling and mountain biking, proudly backing numerous top-tier road and mountain bike teams across the globe. Their storied involvement in competitive cycling and a tradition steeped in groundbreaking design and production are central to their ethos.

FSA is committed to continual investment in their lineup, guaranteeing top-notch components for both elite athletes and avid cyclists. Collaboration with world-class teams and athletes is at the core of their operation; they harness their insights and feedback to shape the future of their products. This dedication, coupled with a zeal for innovation, rigorous R&D, and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensures they deliver supremely engineered components. These products not only meet the high demands of riders but also come at a price point that stands out in the market.

FSA Technology

FSA is actively engaged in research and development, incorporating a team specialized in 3D modeling. This team utilizes cutting-edge Surface Modelling technology to craft, assess, and confirm product designs prior to the commencement of tooling production. They have a 3D Measurement lab that enables precise measurement of dimensions, ensuring that their products maintain tight tolerances and accuracy for superior performance and longevity.

Initially created for industries where structural safety is paramount, such as aerospace and nuclear, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was once exclusive to highly skilled analysts and, subsequently, Formula 1 teams. However, FSA has been a pioneer in the cycling field, integrating FEA as a fundamental component of their R&D efforts.

Additionally, FSA has a metallography division that examines the microscopic structures of metals, ceramics, and polymers. Through a process of cutting, mounting, grinding, and polishing, they prepare samples for high-powered microscopic analysis using a variety of chemical and electrolytic etchants. The use of cross-polarized light helps in identifying specific microstructures, like nitrides and inclusions. This microscopic insight is crucial for quality control and advancing the frontiers of sophisticated design in the cycling industry.

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