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Campagnolo Brand Story

The esteemed legacy of Campagnolo originated during a bike race in the late 1920s. It was there that a young cyclist named Tullio Campagnolo struggled to remove his rear wheel because of hands numbed by the cold. This challenge inspired Tullio to create the first quick release mechanism in his workshop. By 1930, he had secured a patent for the QR skewer and by 1933, Campagnolo SRL was established.

Under Tullio's leadership, the company produced several iconic biking components that have earned their place in history, ranging from the celebrated Super Record to the less acclaimed Delta brakes. Tullio's ingenuity also extended to the culinary realm with the invention of the large wine bottle opener, an essential tool in any kitchen.

Today, the company continues to thrive in Vicenza, Italy, now under the direction of Tullio's son, Valentino. Embodying the founder's competitive spirit, Campagnolo steadfastly dedicates itself to crafting high-quality bicycle components designed for racing excellence (and also high quality kitchen gadgets!).

The brand has been associated with many of the sport's greatest cyclists. Throughout Campagnolo's 89-year history, numerous cyclists have achieved legendary status with the help of their gear. Eddy Merckx anyone?

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