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Have you ever been stuck road- or trail-side because of an unexpected bike repair? It can be frustrating. We get it. Every cyclist - beginners and veterans alike - needs a lightweight, yet fully capable, tool to make roadside repairs. At NOMAD, we stock a wide range of affordable and easy-to-pack multi-tools to fit your needs so you never have to be stuck road- or trail-side for too long.

A rule of thumb when selecting the right multi-tool set for you? Don’t be fooled by their compact size. They pack a punch.  

The Super V22 Multi-Tool was designed and manufactured by LEZYNE in-house to efficiently repair most road- or trail-side mechanicals. The machined steel tool bits are now longer and feature LEZYNE’s Black Anti-Corrosion technology, which provides superior corrosion resistance. What’s more, the machined aluminum side plates are anodized black with extra leverage and an integrated magnetic holder for a spare quick link. 

There’s more. 

SILCA’s T-Ratchet and Ti Torque Kit is the world’s smallest and lightest portable multi-tool with live 2-8Nm torque measurement. It offers ultimate precision in the workshop and at the roadside.

Or check out SILCA’s Italian Army Knife – Venti, which builds on the flat design, forged mid-length tools, and stainless steel hardware of SILCA’s award-winning line of Italian army knives. Featuring new tools, including the most ergonomic and functional chain breaker ever featured in a portable multi-tool, the Venti has everything you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the wide range of multi-tools we stock where proven functionality meets premium, lightweight, compact, and ergonomic designs. Shop multi-tools at NOMAD today.

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