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Token Wheels

Token Wheels - Konax Pro on bike with man sitting in middle of road

Token Bike Wheels and Bottom Brackets

Token Wheels Brand Story

The TOKEN brand story began more than twenty years ago with a journey to produce high-quality and cutting-edge products for people who love to ride. All people – not just those with deep pockets. The collective skills of the TOKEN founders were put to work in crafting great cycling products without breaking the bank.

TOKEN wheels and bottom brackets as well as other offerings like their oversized pulley wheels have constantly improved over the years. They’ve improved because people ride them, push them, and the team listens to the feedback. Ask anyone about their TOKEN Wheels and they’ll tell you they were both affordable and performed well beyond expectations.

TOKEN doesn’t guarantee the cheapest products on the market (would you want them to?), but they stand behind their quality every day.

Why NOMAD loves TOKEN Cycling Products

At NOMAD we only carry products that we believe to be of the highest quality. We sought out a test of TOKEN wheels because we’d heard great things about them from our contacts in the UK. As soon as we put a set on our favourite road bike, we understood the hype and marveled at their performance, light weight, and yes, that they came in such a cost-effective package.

We’re confident you will love TOKEN products as well, which is why we partnered with TOKEN to bring the brand to Canada.


Zenith level components are designed for road racers who want the highest quality. They’re designed to be used and used a lot. Get out there and ride them every day of the year – push them to their limits – they won’t hold you back. Zenith wheels are built for speed and they deliver.


Perhaps you aren’t destined for the pointy edge of the field and want to balance high performance with durability and resilience. Perhaps you like to take your “road” wheels down the dirt roads and treat it like a gravel bike. The Prime range is for you. Of course, they’ve got typical TOKEN high-tech features, but they will stand up to abuse.


So, you want a wheel that can do it all? Resolute wheels are built to take a beating across a wide variety of terrain with very little maintenance. Perhaps you’ve embraced the All Road category fully, but still want top quality wheels because that’s just what you’re used to. Or perhaps your a newer rider and you’re looking for your first big wheel upgrade. The Resolute line is for you. TOKEN describes them as the kind of wheel you can ride hard and put away wet and not worry about them being ready for your next ride.

TOKEN MTX Mountain

You didn’t get into mountain biking to see the sights? You need to go fast all the time even on the most sketchy terrain? These parts are designed to be light for climbing, but tough enough to take rutted and rocky descent type of abuse. Light enough for climbing and strong enough for Downhill? Believe it!

TOKEN Vigilante Mountain

Components in this category aren’t as light as the MTX series, but take as much abuse with aplomb. If you’re venturing deep into the unknown on your mountain bike and not sure when you’re coming back, these parts will be your best friend.

Shop TOKEN in Canada with NOMAD.

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