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Who are we? We’re cyclists. We’re travelers. We’re adventure seekers. Our fondest memories, our favourite dreams, and most of our leisure time is spent on the bike or planning our next epic adventure or grueling ride.  We enjoy the long rides on quiet roads, chatting with friends, and also the short bursts of lung busting, fight for every meter, race to the (otherwise meaningless) road sign. We take it a little bit too seriously, yet we call it fun. We love it, and sometimes even hate it, but that’s kind of why we love it. Maybe we’re just a little bit crazy.

We are building Nomad with a vision. We believe in community, inclusiveness, and creating life-changing memories. We believe that the most epic adventures can be best enjoyed when you are properly prepared, stocked, fit, revved up. But also know that sometimes the best stories come from the genuine belief that you might not make it, gulp, you might need to call for a bail out, yet somehow you pull through…because that was just part of it, after all. More than anything we believe you are missing out if you don’t know what we are talking about. We aim to bring you adventure. Not just you, but everyone you ride with and some you don’t know yet. We strive to put you in the saddle of creating your own adventure or an adventure for your crew. Your adventure. Your crew. Our support.

We’re not an online store…well, we are, but we’re more than that.  If you purchase from us, we will take care of you because we love this stuff and we want you to love it too. If you don’t, no problem. Our only ask is this: get out and ride. You’ll want to be ready for what’s coming next. Shop for your next adventure now!


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