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About Us

Who are we? We’re cyclists. We’re travelers. We’re adventure seekers. When we’re not shipping must-have cycling gear to you, we’re on our bikes, or we’re planning our next epic adventure or grueling ride. We just love long rides on scenic roads and connecting with our cycling buddies. We crave the intense bursts of lung busting, fight-for-every-meter race to the (otherwise meaningless) road sign. Honestly? We probably take it a wee bit too seriously, but – for us – it’s fun. We are passionate about it. Occasionally, we even hate it – but that’s kind of why we love it.

For us, the most epic adventures happen when you’re properly prepared, stocked, fit, and revved up. But we know, too, that – on occasion – the most epic stories are of those rides when you genuinely think you might not make it. Gulp! Those rides when you think you might need to call for a bail out. Yet, somehow, you pull through because that is what makes it exhilarating.
About Us Nomad Frontiers cyclist riding through mud
About us - Nomad Frontiers cyclist looking back on our journey

Our NOMAD Story

We set out to build Nomad Frontiers with a bold vision grounded in a deep conviction in community, inclusiveness, and unforgettable (cycling) memories. The kind of memories that are made in far-flung corners of the planet alongside your riding buddies, your significant other, or just about anyone who happens to cross your path while you’re doing something special (PS You’re missing out if you don’t know what we’re talking about!).

We set out to build a cycling travel company. Yes, a travel company that, as it happens, was sidelined by a global pandemic. And, yes, we intended to offer online cycling apparel and accessories, too. But, as you might have guessed, the relative size and scale of our vision has shifted as the globe battles COVID-19.

Who We Are Today

While we still have post-pandemic travel aspirations, we strive to be Canada’s local bike shop and to make Nomad Frontiers the number one online cycling retailer (even with our travel company brand in tow!). We still aim to bring you adventure. Not just you, but everyone you ride with – and some you don’t know yet. We strive to put you in the saddle of creating your own adventure or an adventure for your crew. Your adventure. Your crew. Our support. It’s too easy to forget that epic adventures can happen right in your backyard.

We value customer service – real customer service. The bend-over-backward kind of service that surprises you. Conversations with real people, making real human decisions. We want you to experience what we know and love about cycling. And we want you to be ready when travel does take off again. So! Get out there and ride your bike with the kind of gusto you did as a kid because we all need a little bit of fresh air.

One more thing…

We are proudly Canadian. Located in Guelph, Ontario (where we have cycled every twist and turn), we are proud to serve Canadians from coast to coast.

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