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What do we love? Well, first of all, Mint'N Dry is a Canadian company, much like Nomad Frontiers, and we just love working with Canadian cycling companies. But saying that's the reason for using their products would be a complete undersell of the quality bike degreasers, cleaners, and lubes being produced by our friends in Quebec.

Let's talk about degreaser. We know how cleaning your bike chain goes - you fill the chain cleaning tool with the magic liquid, circle the chain a bunch of times, pop the tool off and the chain looks great, right? But what do you do with that degreaser? Many degreasers on the market are bad for the environment, to say the least. So, if you're like us, you store it and tell yourself you're going to take it to a toxic waste disposable centre. We know how that goes means you store it...forever.

Fast forward to Mint'N Dry's Microemulsion degreaser and you can just pour that old degreaser right down the drain because it's plant based and won't destroy everything it comes in contact with. In fact, this degreaser can be used on any part of your bike. One caveat: you must also use biodegradable lubricants on your chain in the first place. Fortunately, Mint'N Dry has you covered there as well. All of their lubricants, whether dry lube, all-conditions lube, or wet lube are fully biodegradable.

The bike cleaners? You guessed it - environmentally friendly. The rinse free wash doesn't even require water, which if left on your bike could be harmful. Just spray the rinse-free bike cleaner on all surfaces of your bike and give it a bit of a soak before wiping it off. And if you have created a real mess on the trails, you can opt for the Dirt Bike Wash, which will take off the chunky stuff when paired with water.

Good for the environment is great, but we know it also needs to do the job of cleaning your bike effectively and it does. Your bicycle drive-train will come out sparkling. And a clean drive-train means less money spent on replacing the chain, cassette, and pulley wheels on your rear derailleur. Most cyclists don't keep their chains clean enough to prevent premature wear and tear. Don't let that be you!

What's the best part? We absolutely love the smell of these products. And the owners are helpful and friendly, but that's probably just a little bit of Canada shining through.

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