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Light Comparison

CATEYE Light Comparison

400 Lumens Vs 1100 Lumens
Trying to figure out just how many lumens you need to light the path ahead? The image comparison below will give you an idea of how much more light is cast from a light tuned to 1100 lumens vs 400 lumens. 

When choosing a lighting system for your bike you should consider the following:

1. The types of roads or trails that you regularly traverse and whether they are rocky, filled with potholes, or smooth and clear. 

2. How much light is available from street lights or even the moon, which can be obstructed by trees.

3. How fast you normally travel and how far into the distance you need to see to ride safely at night.

Before After Before After

CATEYE Accessories

That Little Something Extra

CATEYE Brand Story

With a story that begins 60 years ago...this could take awhile! CatEye has stood the test of time because the principles on which the company were founded continue to be front of mind and more importantly are just as, if not more, relevant today as they were in the beginning. Contributing to society by creating new value for safety, health, and the environment.

The statements aren't just feel good marketing speak, but the rallying cry to continue advancements in recursive reflectors, lights and cycle computers.


Perhaps it's because our first bike computers were all CatEye units or perhaps it's the ease of use and ever increasing performance that we've seen in modern offerings. Whatever it is, we have a soft spot for CatEye and trust that whichever product we strap to our bikes will perform as we expect - without compromise. We have no problem recommending computers, lights, or even bells from the company - they just work, no explanation required.

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