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Cyclists riding on dark road illuminated by cateye bike lights

The CatEye Brand Story

With a story that begins 60 years ago...this could take awhile! CatEye has stood the test of time because the principles on which the company were founded continue to be front of mind and more importantly are just as, if not more, relevant today as they were in the beginning. Contributing to society by creating new value for safety, health, and the environment.

The statements aren't just feel good marketing speak, but the rallying cry to continue advancements in recursive reflectors, lights and cycle computers.

CatEye Cyclocomputers

At some point we all get the itch to know how far we've gone, how fast we've travelled, and how many times we turned the pedals over. But a bike computer isn't just about calculations, it needs to be easy to set up, easy to understand and viewable without taking too much attention from the path ahead. Cyclists have flocked to CatEye computers because they check all the boxes. Not as complex as modern GPS units, but tried, tested, and true to the essence of the sport - just going out and riding.

The wide variety of bike computers from CatEye ensure anyone with a desire to ride can find a computer at an affordable price. Traditional analog units as well as wireless digital models are on the menu and can be paired with various devices to measure advanced features such as cadence and heart rate.

CatEye Lights

Cat's-eye reflectors (thus the name) are at the core of the company's intellectual property and the learnings extend to the plethora of bike lights offered by CatEye. Headlights, tail lights and day-time safety lights are all on offer with advancements to White LEDs, OptiCube, and long-life battery performance being some of the most recent advancements.

CatEye is committed to ongoing development of environmentally friendly, rechargeable, battery-powered lighting options that will ensure less waste in landfills, while keeping you safe on the road. Demand for ever increasing brightness is pushing the industry and CatEye to new heights. Gone are the days of heavy battery packs weighing down your ride...brighter lights, longer run times, and lighter battery packs. Need we say more?

Why NOMAD Loves CatEye

Perhaps it's because our first bike computers were all CatEye units or perhaps it's the ease of use and ever increasing performance that we've seen in modern offerings. Whatever it is, we have a soft spot for CatEye and trust that whichever product we strap to our bikes will perform as we expect - without compromise. We have no problem recommending computers, lights, or even bells from the company - they just work, no explanation required.

Shop CatEye in Canada with NOMAD.

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