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Token Ninja Bottom Bracket BB386/BB392 ShimanoToken Ninja Lite Bottom Bracket BB4124PSToken Ninja Bottom Bracket BB841T-41TBT
  • Token Ninja Bottom Bracket BB386/BB392 Shimano
  • Token Ninja Lite Bottom Bracket BB4124PS
  • Token Ninja Bottom Bracket BB841T-41TBT

TOKEN Ninja Bottom Bracket


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  • Ninja and Ninja light bottom brackets thread together
    • Eliminates creaking of press fit bottom brackets
    • Increases stiffness
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Steel or ceramic bearings
  • Select your frame, crank, bearing type, and colour
Additional Info

TOKEN Ninja Bottom Bracket

TOKEN believes it’s fair to claim that there are some problems with press fit bottom brackets. They creak, don’t last all that long and are installed and removed with tools that cavemen would recognise. The TOKEN NINJA bottom bracket solves the creaking issues, improves bearing life and adds stiffness to the bottom bracket.

It all starts with TOKEN’s Fusion technology; it is a combination of plastic and fibre that cover an alloy bottom bracket shell. The composite material allows it to be precisely machined and fit snugly in the frame so it doesn’t move around and sound like grandma’s clicking and creaking arthritic knees. But plastic and fibre don’t do a good job of supporting bearings; poorly supported bearings can wear prematurely.

TOKEN houses the bearings in an alloy shell and wraps it with plastic and fibre. This fusion of the three materials provides the bearings a solid platform to sit on and extends their lives. A lot of people would be satisfied with this, but TOKEN went even further by extending the alloy shell so the right and left sides lock together. This locks the frame, cranks and bottom bracket together and provides unparalleled stiffness.

The TOKEN NINJA bottom brackets can be purchased individually or in a package that includes adapters to fit several different frame and crankset combinations.

The NINJA bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets – it actually improves the life of the bottom bracket and makes your bike stiffer. There aren’t many times a replacement part actually improves your bike but put one on your bike and you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a TOKEN NINJA bottom bracket sooner.

Double Thread

Token Double thread

TBT Bearing (optional)

Token TBT Ceramic Bearings

TBT bearings are made with ceramic balls and extremely hard races for very low rolling resistance and long-lasting performance.

Fusion (Ninja models)

Token fusion metal and fiber cup

Fusion technology marries aluminum and nylon to give you a high-performance and squeak-free bottom bracket.


Token X-Seal

TOKEN’s X-Seal technology keeps bearings protected from dirt and water, with very little friction for a free-spinning bearing.

Compression Relief Design

Token Compression Relief Design

Multiple carefully designed grooves are formed on the outer surface of the bottom bracket cup and therefore split the surface where the cup contacts the frame bore. This allows slight material deformation and makes the BB more tolerant to frame bore dimension variation. These patented grooves also store grease making the BB even less prone to creaking.

Picking the right bottom bracket can be difficult – reach out to us for assistance! Additional sizes and configurations can be ordered.

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