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Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4" angleKüat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4"Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4"
  • Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4" angle
  • Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4"
  • Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack 1-1/4"

Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack


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  • 53'' max wheelbase
  • 5'' max tire width
  • FastFit wheel system
  • Kashima coated struts
  • Foot & hand pivot for easy folding of the rack
  • 2 Bike Capacity (67lb/Bike)
Additional Info

Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack

When Küat started designing this hitch rack, they knew they wanted bike hauling with no contact on the frame, integrated LED taillights, adjustable tire chock slides for all bike sizes and tires, and the most durable materials and coatings. All things they knew they wanted in a hitch rack but had never seen together in one.

Until now. Meet the Küat Piston® Pro X Car Rack. This bike rack is all metal and can safely transport bikes and electric bikes weighing up to 67 lbs. per tray. With just one tap the pneumatic arms open wide, grab your bike tire perfectly, with no contact with the frame.

And Küat went there with Kashima coating. Beautiful and amazingly durable, it surely makes bells and whistles jealous.

Whether you’re rolling on smallish wheels or beefy tires, you won’t need any adapters or tools to make them fit. Just squeeze and slide the adjustable wheel chocks to hold 18”-29” tires.

Plus, Küat's brightest idea yet. The integrated LED taillights on the Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack. They synchronize seamlessly with your car, truck, SUV, or RV, providing enhanced rear visibility and on-road safety.

When it comes to security, the hitch lock keeps the Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack secured so no one can slide it out when you’re not looking, and the semi-integrated 12mm cable lock makes sure your bike stays locked up tight while looking tight.

These and many other features culminate in a bike rack designed, built, and tested to push the envelope and provide you with unparalleled ease of use, peace of mind, and lasting value.


Kuat Piston Pro X 1-1/4" two bikes on car rack attached to vehicle


Hit the levers and watch as the cradle arms open automatically into position. Küat’s new patented hydro-pneumatic OneTap levers make loading your bikes easy, and fun.


It's called FastFit for a reason: This patent-pending feature changes wheel sizes from 18" to 29" in seconds, tool-free.


QuickConnect lets you expand or consolidate your Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack from 2 to 4 bikes in a matter of minutes. Current record: 44s.


Fold your Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack up or down with the convenient patented foot pedal.


EasyClip patent-pending tray tabs make assembling your Piston quick and painless. Spend all that time you save riding your bike.


Touchless arms grab the tires, keeping your bike secure, and your paint pristine.


Genuine Kashima coated struts ensure your Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack not only functions flawlessly for years, but drops the jaws the whole time.


Just because it’s sexy doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy duty. The Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack is all metal and ready to take on all the adventure you can throw at it.


The Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack is finished with TIGER DRYLAC, a class-leading powder coat designed for the unforgiving conditions of both day-in, day-out commutes and epic road trips alike.


Igus bushings and 316 Stainless Steel, 750-hour salt spray automotive-grade hardware keep the burly, long-lasting trend going. This rack will stand up to years of demanding mileage and use.


A little cherry on top: A liquid painted 3D logo finishes out the rack aesthetic adding dimension and style.


QuickConnect patented trays and Add-Ons are pre-wired. LED lighting will connect using waterproof automotive connectors. Connects to the vehicle via the included flat 4-pin connector.


Provided magnetic clips let you manage the LED cable, keeping everything tidy and out of the way.


No more Where's Waldo in your glovebox: The multi-purpose security tool locks in place at the end of the Küat Piston Pro X Car Rack ensuring it’s always there when you need it.


The patented Flatlock hitch cam keeps things stable and its tamper-resistant head keeps it secure. Plus, we've added a stainless steel hitch lock for double security and additional peace of mind.


Semi-integrated ultra flexible high-strand 12mm cable, with plenty of length for the wheels and frames of all your bikes. The soft-touch outer coating is also easy on your bikes.

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