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1st Endurance OptygenHP

1st Endurance OptygenHP


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  • Maximizes oxygen utilization & VO2 max
  • Optimizes ATP production
  • Reduces & buffers lactic acid
  • 120 capsules
Additional Info

1st Endurance OptygenHP

1st Endurance OptygenHP is a legal, safe and stimulant-free formula that’s engineered to increase endurance capacity.  Studies on endurance athletes who used OptygenHP had a 42% increase in time to lactate threshold, a 26% reduction in cortisol (the primary stress hormone) and a significant improvement in endurance capacity.

Beta-Alanine (1500 mg): An amino acid that combines with L-histidine to form the dipeptide carnosine. Carnosine helps buffer lactic acid during endurance exercise or low-oxygen conditions and has antioxidant properties.

Chromium (200 MCG): Optimizes fat and glucose metabolism for energy, preserving muscle. Supports glucose and amino acid uptake for fuel and recovery by potentiating insulin action. Improves body composition by maintaining lean body mass.

Cordyceps Extract (800 mg): Provides adaptogenic, antistress functions; immune support; and antioxidant, anti-fatigue, and blood circulation effects. Improves aerobic capacity (VO2max), anaerobic threshold, time to exhaustion, and work output.

Rhodiola Extract (150 mg): Decreases chronic cortisol levels, oxidative damage, lactate levels, and physical fatigue. Supports cardiopulmonary function and immune function. Increases utilization of oxygen and amino acids and improves time to exhaustion.

Senactiv (50 mg): Re-energizes ATP production to extend exercise performance. Supports efficient disposal and repair of tissues damaged by exercise, increases muscle satellite cell count, and triples muscle glycogen accumulation rate after depletion due to intense endurance training.

Ashwaghandha (150 mg): Increases VO2max, cardiorespiratory endurance and blood flow, reduces fatigue, and increases muscle strength and recovery. Also supports joint health, and has antistress and antioxidant effects.

ATPro Matrix Proprietary Blend (500 mg): Supplies sodium and potassium in soluble forms. Also provides pyruvate for glucose conversion to ATP energy, phosphate for ergogenic effects, and ribose, the backbone of RNA and DNA.

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