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1st Endurance Halo

1st Endurance Halo


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  • Increases joint health & comfort
  • Reduces inflammation & soreness
  • Accelerates joint & muscle repair
  • 60 liquid caps (30 servings)
Additional Info

1st Endurance Halo

HALO is a breakthrough in reducing exercise-induced inflammation and joint recovery. The First Endurance patented formula accelerates joint healing, targets inflammation, and minimizes downtime from overuse injuries. 1st Endurance HALO offers advanced support for joints and muscles, so you never have to miss a day.

Most everyone has heard of the benefits of curcumin, and plenty of athletes have tried it with little or no success. The main reason is because curcumin is very unstable. It spontaneously breaks down in the body before it gets where it needs to be to work.

The technology that makes HALO special wasn’t available so First Endurance developed it. The key to realizing the benefits of curcumin is their proprietary Superba2® phospholipid delivery system that protects the curcumin from your body’s natural tendency to deactivate it, and allows it to be delivered and absorbed effectively.

Omege-3 Fatty Acids (100 mg): Promotes cell membrane fluidity functions, including transporting water, nutrients, and waste. Precursors for eicosanoid signals (Special Pro-resolving Mediators) that calm and sooth exercise-induced joint and muscle aches via normal recovery processes. Increases omega-3 intakes to address low levels caused by endurance exercise. Maintains healthy brain functions. Supports exercise performance & recovery.

Superba2 Krill Oil (500 mg): Promotes cell membrane functions, including transporting water, nutrients, and waste. Signals relief for exercise-induced joint and muscle aches. Addresses omega-3 deficiencies caused by endurance exercise. Promotes curcumin utilization in a patent-pending application by First Endurance.

Choline (25 mg, 5% DV): Promotes recovery following exercise-induced tissue damage and physical stress.

Curcumin (300 mg): Maintains musculoskeletal health and reduces exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness. Promotes calming and reparative signals for cells under stress.

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