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1st Endurance MultiV Vitamins

1st Endurance MultiV


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  • Industry-leading immune system protection
  • Helps you get lean & stay lean
  • Unrivaled antioxidant support
  • Reduces fatigue & improves oxygen efficiency
  • 90 tablets (30 servings)
Additional Info

1st Endurance MultiV

The new 1st Endurance MultiV meets the specific micronutrient needs of athletes, supporting the immune system, reducing fatigue, and improving recovery. It lays your foundation for building a strong base and staying healthy all year long.

Vitamin A (900 mcg RAE, 100% DV): Supports immune functions and temperature regulation in cold conditions, protects against UV exposure, and provides antioxidant activity that does not conflict with exercise recovery.

Vitamin C (400 mg, 444% DV): A powerful water-soluble antioxidant that reduces free radicals and biomarkers of damage from intense aerobic exercise and air pollution. Improves blood viscosity, exercise recovery (moderates post-exercise cortisol & IL6), and wound healing. Supports immune functions.

Vitamin D (200 mcg, 100% DV): A series of secosteroid molecules that control calcium & magnesium functions, which are often deficient in athletes. Improves immune function, exercise recovery, lung function, mood, muscle strength and vascular functions. Reduces upper respiratory tract symptoms and bone stress fractures after long-duration, intense exercise.

Vitamin E (30 mg, 200% DV): A series of closely related, fat-soluble compounds. Potent antioxidants for fats, especially cell membranes. Drives improved anaerobic threshold and altitude performance, and reduces muscle damage from aerobic exercise without inhibiting recovery.

Vitamin K (100% DV): Activates proteins that bind and transport calcium for specific uses, ensuring proper blood clotting, pliable blood vessel structure, and bone & joint health. Increases maximal heart output, reduces muscle cramps, supports muscle mass, and plays a backup role in metabolic energy production.

Vitamin B1 (4 mg, 333% DV): Converts to thiamin pyrophosphate, which is critical for five enzymes that convert carbs & branched chain amino acids to muscular energy (ATP).

Vitamin B2 (5 mg, 385% DV): Precursor to two important coenzymes – flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and flavin adenine nucleotide (FAD). Helps transform energy from carbs, fats, and branched chain amino acids to muscular energy (ATP) production.

Niacin (20 mg NE, 125% DV): Required for reactions of over 400 energy-producing enzymes, redox, and converting carbs, fats, and amino acids into energy (ATP). Critical for DNA repair, gene expression, and cell-to-cell communications. Involved in synthesis of fat-soluble compounds (like cholesterol) and antioxidant functions. Deficiencies are associated with fatigue, mental lethargy, and pellagra.

Vitamin B6 (4 mg, 235% DV): Coenzymes for over 100 reactions, mostly involved with protein and amino acid metabolism. Converts amino acids into energy via gluconeogenesis. Vital for glycogenolysis, supplying glucose for exercise performance, and important for blood cell and hemoglobin production.

Vitamin B12 (30 mg, 1250% DV): Works with folate to recharge methyl group availability for many uses, especially blood cell formation (see Folate). Also participates in energy production by operating enzymes involved with breakdown of propionic acid to succinic acid, a component of the TCA cycle of cellular energy production.

Biotin (300 mcg, 1000% DV): Critical for energy production through glucose metabolism, insulin signaling, and metabolic functions of converting fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose for energy. Marginal deficiencies and genetic variations affecting biotin function are not uncommon.

Pantothenic Acid (20 mg, 400% DV): Helps push carbs, fats, and proteins into energy production pathways, supporting metabolic processes – especially for fatty acids.

Choline (55 mg, 10% DV): Increases energy and endurance, delays the onset of fatigue. Normalizes mental functions and nerve-muscle connections. Repairs cell membranes damaged by free radicals generated during exercise. Affects every cell’s membranes and DNA. Blood levels drop during long-duration exercise, and deficiency is common, leading to fatty liver and muscle damage.

Calcium (90 mg, 7% DV): Drives muscular contraction and prevents muscle cramps. Essential to nervous system functions, cardiovascular functions, energy (ATP) production, bone health, and transporting compounds in and out of cells.

Iron (18 mg, 100% DV): Iron is critical for hemoglobin, myoglobin and oxygen delivery to muscles and brain during exercise. Iron status is deficient in 70% of endurance athletes, slowing ATP production and performance. MultiV’s highly bioavailable source addresses deficiencies without risk of toxicity.

Iodine (150 mcg, 100% DV): Helps regulate energy production, oxygen utilization, protein synthesis, and enzymatic activities. Deficiencies impede metabolic activation, leading to fatigue, slower mental processes, and lower body temperature.

Magnesium (250 mg, 60% DV): Improves endurance performance and energy production and stabilizes ATP. Magnesium supplementation can prevent cramps, fatigue, blood vessel spasms, heartbeat irregularities, mood changes, weakness, and nausea. Cofactor for over 300 enzyme systems.

Zinc (22 mg, 200% DV): Involved in basic metabolism and immune functions. Affects antioxidant activity, protein synthesis, gene expression, DNA integrity, RNA structure, removal of CO2 from exercising muscle (carbonic anhydrase), energy production, cell growth and repair, and healing.

Selenium (55 mcg, 100% DV): Reduces oxidative damage without impeding recovery. Critical for immune function, thyroid function, and overall energy levels.

Copper (2 mg, 222% DV): Cofactor for enzymes in energy production, antioxidant functions, iron metabolism, neurotransmitter production, and connective tissue synthesis. Supports immune functions, cardiovascular health, and gene expression. Increases endurance capacity.

Manganese (1.15mg, 50% DV): The main mineral cofactor for enzymes that make glycosaminoglycans for bone, cartilage, and connective tissue growth/repair. Involved in glucose and fat energy production.

Chromium (100 mcg, 286% DV): Optimizes fat and glucose metabolism for energy, preserving muscle. Supports glucose and amino acid uptake for fuel and recovery by potentiating insulin action. Improves body composition by maintaining lean body mass.

Molybdenum (45 mcg, 100% DV): Manages waste byproducts of ATP degradation linked to high fructose intakes. Helps the body process certain foods, like dried fruits, during exercise.

Boron (1 mg): Potentiates vitamin D and steroid hormone receptor actions, causing more effects. Adding borate to low-boron diets clinched the role of boron in calcium and magnesium nutrition to get more effect from the same amounts.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract (120 mg): Improves VO2 max, altitude adaptation, and antioxidant effects. Reduces post-exercise soreness. Enriches nitric oxide levels, expanding bloodflow volume.

Green Tea Extract (200 mg): Increases BCAA conversion into energy pathways. Performs multiple antioxidant roles with recovery-promoting effects and supports the immune system. Helps your liver produce ketone bodies from fat (fatty acids) – a normal occurrence during endurance exercise, sparing carb usage.

Spectral Total ORAC5 Blend (50 mg): Clinically-tested, broad-spectrum antioxidant functions at a dose that does not interfere with training adaptation or recovery.

Yeast Beta Glucan (30 mg): Provides immune support and reduces upper respiratory tract symptoms.

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