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CHPT3 Brand Story

The CHPT3 brand was created in 2015 by former professional cyclist David Millar. The daily rigors of the pro peloton are all consuming and take a toll on mind in addition to body. Armed with a ton of cycling knowledge and perhaps a little burnout from the cycling-is-everything mindset, David set out to find what comes after cycling. In the case of CHPT3, what does a pro cyclist wear to ride after leaving the World Tour? Something on par or better than the elite garments worn by world-beaters, high quality over lightweight, and comfortable enough to remind you that we ride for fun.

CHPT3 is about the third chapter in life - the fun part. The part that so often only comes after all the work, failures, heartbreaks, and triumphs has taken a backseat. Family, work, and fun. We like to think of it as love hard, work hard, play hard. But sometimes fun can just simply be fun.

David Millar knows what it means to push too hard. Marred by doping in his early career, he had a renaissance. He returned to cycling following a doping ban in 2004 and became a crusader for anti-doping and he rediscovered success and love for the bike. The drive for a clean sport, rebellion against sponsor-littered jerseys, and a deep knowledge of what a garment should be to qualify as an everyday performer, exist within the clothing.


Admittedly, we have only recently found the CHPT3 brand, but it's fair to say that we were suitably impressed right from the first conversation. We were more impressed when we slipped into the Most Days Grand Tour Bib shorts for the first time. Our first epic journey in these shorts was an RGT trainer session, which we know is hardly the best way to test new kit, but we fell in love anyway. Snug, perfect pad feel, and simple yet cool aesthetics.

The product is amazing - we really do love it - but the brand story is also compelling. The founders of CHPT3 have a genuine interest in taking care of the planet through sustainable production and recycling, promoting women in cycling, and creating a generally more inclusive environment. While many brands would claim similar aspirations, CHPT3 lives it, promotes it, and the proof is in the recycled jersey hanging in our closets. The best part - you would never know if they/we didn't tell you because they've nailed the execution. You will be hard pressed to find cycling kit you like better.

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