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Token Shuriken OSPW Shimano R9100Token Shuriken OSPW SRAMToken Shuriken OSPW R7000Token Shuriken OSPW Shimano R9100 mounted to derailleurToken Shuriken OSPW mounted to derailleur SRAMToken Shuriken OSPW R7000
  • Token Shuriken OSPW Shimano R9100
  • Token Shuriken OSPW SRAM
  • Token Shuriken OSPW R7000
  • Token Shuriken OSPW Shimano R9100 mounted to derailleur
  • Token Shuriken OSPW mounted to derailleur SRAM
  • Token Shuriken OSPW R7000



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  • Conti-Wave machining minimizes noise and ensures quiet running
  • Reduced contact with chain
  • Ceramic bearings
  • 5 year warranty
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The Token Shuriken OSPW (oversized pulley wheel) system was engineered for maximum performance and designed to increase the efficiency of the drivetrain on any bike. The larger diameter of the pulley allows the oversized pulley system to rotate at lower RPM and reduces the articulation angle of the chain, lowering drivetrain friction. The TBT bearings inside the pulleys are filled with specially developed light grease to minimize drag. The carbon fiber cage and hardened steel / dura-aluminum hardware creates a light and strong foundation for the system. The pulleys are made of dura-aluminum and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated for long-lasting low friction and clean aesthetics. A purpose-specified tooth profile ensures crisp shifting and super smooth running.

Upgrading to the Shuriken oversized pulley system allows you to add drivetrain capacity to a short cage derailleur, enables running a larger cassette with expanded gear range. Ride easier and longer with the Shuriken oversized pulley system.

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