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Alba Optics Stratos Black F-Lens BeetleAlba Optics Stratos Black with Pou lensALBA OPTICS Stratos BlackAlba Optics Stratos Black F-Lens Beetle side view
  • Alba Optics Stratos Black F-Lens Beetle
  • Alba Optics Stratos Black with Pou lens
  • ALBA OPTICS Stratos Black
  • Alba Optics Stratos Black F-Lens Beetle side view

ALBA OPTICS Stratos Black


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  • Ventilated VZUM™ lens
  • Interchangeable VZUM™ lens
  • Adjustable temple fit
  • UV400 protection
  • Lighter Tr90 frame
  • Weight: 24gr
  • Handmade in Italy
Additional Info

Alba Optics Stratos Black

You are pedaling. Once again. Perfection is your goal. Improving not only performance but your status as an athlete. You want to progress: responding to something that simmers inside you. For this, you need clear vision. And for this, Alba Optics have designed STRATOS: eyewear that helps you focus on the goal whether you are racing a stage or training on your home terrain.

Alba Optics Stratos Black sports the new S-LENS VZUM ™ ultra-lightweight polycarbonate interchangeable lenses developed by Alba Optics with one goal: to provide athletes with the ultimate visual experience in all weather conditions and on all terrains.

The full coverage of the S-LENS VZUM ™ lenses allows an unobstructed and complete view of your environment. A central vent in the lens allows heat and steam to escape before it can cloud your vision. The frame secures the interchangeable lens with a simple interlocking system. To allow you to adapt STRATOS to each face, the frame is both telescopic and adjustable in 4 different positions.

Each conquest starts from a vision, which is why Alba Optics Stratos Black is simply stratospheric, beyond imagination.

VZUM™ S-Lens

STRATOS uses VZUM™ S-LENS made from scratch resistant polycarbonate base 6 non-centered to enable a fixed vision without side deformation. Their curve covers an optical cone of 180°, allowing an excellent protection against the wind and strong light, that often reflects on other sunglasses creating an eye blinding effect. The shock absorbent, unbreakable material provides an excellent resilience.

What’s in the box

Your pair of STRATOS will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging. You will receive a box containing a pair of glasses, a drawstring pouch made from technical microfibre fabric, CE guaranteed.

We’re in love with Alba Optics at NOMAD because they look cool, but mostly because they are amazing quality. Shop more Alba Optics cycling sunglasses with NOMAD.

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