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Abus StormChaser Helmet Midnight blueAbus StormChaser Helmet race whiteAbus StormChaser Helmet Bloodmoon redAbus StormChaser Velvet BlackAbus StormChaser Velvet Black SideABUS StormChaser HelmetAbus StormChaser Polar WhiteAbus StormChaser Helmet Race White RearAbus StormChaser Helmet Race White topAbus StormChaser RadPackAbus StormChaser Rad Pack SideAbus StormChaser Helmet Steel blueAbus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red rearAbus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red frontAbus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red topAbus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue rearAbus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue frontAbus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue top
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet Midnight blue
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet race white
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet Bloodmoon red
  • Abus StormChaser Velvet Black
  • Abus StormChaser Velvet Black Side
  • ABUS StormChaser Helmet
  • Abus StormChaser Polar White
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet Race White Rear
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet Race White top
  • Abus StormChaser RadPack
  • Abus StormChaser Rad Pack Side
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet Steel blue
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red rear
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red front
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet bloodmoon red top
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue rear
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue front
  • Abus StormChaser Helmet midnight blue top

ABUS StormChaser Helmet

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  • In-Mold: Lightweight, durable helmet with a long-lasting combination of EPS core and Polycarbonate shell
  • Ponytail compatibility: Perfect fit for people with long hair
  • Half-ring: Adjustable ring connected to adjustment system enclosing half of the head
  • Lower edge protection: Provides the helmet with additional protection from external damage
  • Excellent ventilation with 7 air inlets and 16 air outlets
  • Forced Air Cooling: Innovative ventilation system using intelligently arranged air channels in the EPS
  • High visibility: High visibility due to reflectors
  • Zoom Ace: Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjustment wheel for customizable fit
  • AirPort: Aerodynamic glasses holder with strap guide
  • Size: S: 51-55 cm, M: 52-58 cm, L: 59-61 cm
Additional Info

ABUS StormChaser Helmet

The Abus StormChaser Helmet offers the right performance for any race: road, cross and even crit. It is light, comfortable, perfectly ventilated and the ActiCage, a structural reinforcement built into the EPS, offers superb protection.

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