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Look Geo City Vision Grip Pedals with charge cablesLook Geo City Vision Grip Pedals with light onLook Geo City Vision Grip PedalLook Geo City Vision Grip Pedals
  • Look Geo City Vision Grip Pedals with charge cables
  • Look Geo City Vision Grip Pedals with light on
  • Look Geo City Vision Grip Pedal
  • Look Geo City Vision Grip Pedals

LOOK Geo City Vision Grip Pedals


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  • LOOK Vision In Lights puts four powerful LED lights in the most dynamic positions to maximize day and night safety
  • 20 hours runtime with multiple constant, flashing and daylight modes and quick, magnetic mounts – for easy USB recharging
  • LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram tread inserts
  • Specific grooved, multi height ‘City’ tread design for total wet or dry trust
  • Lightweight composite honeycomb base for mountain bike-level strength and durability
  • Top quality performance bearings for silk smooth pedalling performance
  • Chromoly spindle
  • IPX7 light waterproof rating
  • Charging time 2 hours
  • 107mm x 103mm platform size
  • Weight: 290 grams/pedal
Additional Info

LOOK Geo City Vision Grip Pedals

With LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram and LOOK Vision In Lighting LOOK GEO CITY VISION GRIP pedals are the ultimate urban pedal. Combining 24/7 LED safety, iconic mountain boot traction and MTB-toughness with Tour de France winning performance and unmatched personality there’s no better place to put your feet for town and country riding.

Built to be the ultimate pedal for urban mobility, it quickly becomes the epitome of safety, reliability and style to give all your bike journeys some bite.

The LOOK GEO CITY VISION GRIP offers a very wide support surface so that you never lose grip no matter your angle of attack. It also includes a rechargeable light kit for added safety.

Compatible with Vibram Activ Grip ""Trail"" pads with rubber lugs and composite studs for even more grip during off-road adventures.


Visibility at night depends on:

  • The minimum distance at which you can be seen.
  • The possibility you have of capturing the attention of motorists..

Unlike a fixed standard light, positioned on your bike, the pedals are in constant motion, which considerably increases their visibility by creating an oscillating beam. Combined with the different flash modes available (4 modes), they can more effectively attract the attention of motorists.

With a power of 50 lumens, the VISION light makes you visible at more than 900 meters with a 180° angle to remain visible laterally at intersections.

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