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June 6, 2022

Father's Day Top 10 Cycling Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching. Stumped on how to express your eternal gratitude to dad? If dad is a cyclist - beginner or pro - then it's your lucky day. We have curated our ultimate Father's Day gift guide of top 10 cycling gifts for dad.

Stylish Cycling Gifts for Dad


#1: Cycling Jersey

The outdoor riding season is back - and, for avid cyclists, that means new kit. Ensure dad is geared up to usher in the new season with a sleek new jersey. From CASTELLI and SPORTFUL to CHPT3 and POC, we have been busy stocking up on dad's favourite brands.

We love the CASTELLI Entrata VI Jersey. Featuring Italian-made ProSecco fabric, this jersey combines comfort and aerodynamics. There’s a lot of technology that goes into the CASTELLI Entrata VI Jersey. While technically the entry-level jersey in the CASTELLI collection, it has been engineered to incorporate as much race-level performance as possible while offering unmatched value. Not only is it aerodynamic, it’s also more comfortable thanks to the four-way-stretch Air Mesh fabric and raw-cut sleeve ending that’s stretchy to fit every arm without constricting.

Castelli Entrata VI Jersey close up of arm

Cyclists love this jersey because of its thoughtful design and functional details, like the stretch panel in the center pocket, the highly reflective insert on the pocket, the full-length easy-sliding YKK® Vislon® zipper, and the silicone gripper elastic to keep the back of the jersey in place.

What's more, dad can rock this jersey in fiery red/dark gray, light black/light steel blue, or silver gray/savile blue. Fun, eh?

If dad gets a thrill from turning heads while carving up the local criterium or cruising the strip, then you might want to consider the SPORTFUL Snap Jersey. Designed to stand out in the peloton, this jersey is minimalist but unexpected. It impresses not only with its confident style, but with its workmanship, too, featuring a fit and seams worthy of the top race jerseys. The SPORTFUL Snap jersey is for dads who love an unconventional style in a highly technical product.

Sportful Snap Jersey tugging at front

#2: Cycling Bibshorts

If dad is an avid cyclist who gets in the saddle frequently, then you cannot go wrong with a new pair of cycling bibshorts. For more on the benefits of a proper pair of cycling bibshorts, sneak a peek at our recent blog.

If there’s one thing we don’t mess around with, it’s the quality of our bibshorts. They can be the difference between an epic ‘Tour de France, here I come!’ ride and a painful ‘I wonder if I could get an UberXL to pick me up’ nightmare. Don't make dad regret his ride.

Dad will love the CASTELLI Premio Bibshort. It has been engineered to provide the ultimate in long-distance comfort and to be his favourite bibshort ever. Too bold? There’s a ton of research and development in this short to back it up.

Castelli Premio bibshorts close up of side

CASTELLI applied a 'less-is-more' approach into its design with minimalist laser-etched logos and subtle finishing. It looks as premium as it feels. You can tell that every component, every stitch, every detail has been obsessed over.

Dad will not find a finer bibshort - and will be eternally grateful to you.

#3: Apparel for When Dad is Off the Bike

Cycling gifts don't have to be for dad's rides. Consider options for when dad is off the bike. The CHPT3 Most Days Tech T-Shirt is among our favourites. Its versatility means that dad can rock it on or off the bike. Cool, right?

CHPT3 Most Days Tech T-Shirt

The CHPT3 Most Days Tech T-Shirt is designed for adventure. It is cut like a t-shirt (which means it can be worn like any other t-shirt - anytime, anywhere) and is made to perform under physical effort on your wildest rides in the glorious outdoors. Its multi-purpose concept will be dad's reliable companion no matter the terrain. Just enough aero on the bike and plenty cool off it.

CHPT3 offers bottoms, too!

CHPT3 Dirt Shorts slipping wallet into pocket

Made in Europe, the CHPT3 Dirt Shorts are designed for adventure and made to be robust and resilient yet lightweight, stretchy, and multi-purpose. There is no seat pad to allow them to be worn on those days dad chooses to ride less. Alternatively, they can be paired with the undercover shorts for dad's longer rides.

#4: Cycling Sunglasses

Contrary to popular belief, cycling sunglasses should be worn year-round (not just on the sunny days of summer). Wearing sunglasses when on the bike is critical for protecting the eyes from the sun, flying debris, bugs, and the drying effect of strong winds.

Lucky for you (and dad!), we carry a range of options from cyclists' favourite sunglasses brands - POC and ALBA OPTICS.

Our newest eyewear arrival include the POC Elicit Sunglasses. Exceptionally lightweight and with a fully frameless lens, POC Elicit sunglasses offer exceptional coverage and performance.

POC Elicit sunglasses violet mirror

Designed with the ethos of reducing weight and amplifying style, POC Elicit sunglasses weigh so little they are barely noticeable while wearing, but have a distinctive design that will turn heads. Featuring a large wraparound lens with Clarity technology, the sunglasses provide complete eye protection and an optimum field of view, so dad can stay focused on the road ahead.

What's more, POC sunglasses are the perfect partner for a POC helmet and offer seamless integration and protection - with style, too.

But that's not it: ALBA OPTICS cycling sunglasses have probably caught dad's eye. We love ALBA Optics’ iconic shapes inspired by Italian flare. ALBA OPTICS is arguably most known for its legendary DELTA collection. They're also easy to fit which pushes them up the 'cycling gifts for dad' checklist.

Alba Optics Delta Fir Lava lens side profile

To equip athletes from far-flung corners of the planet, its founders are relentless in designing cycling sunglasses that are aesthetically pleasing – all while enabling peak performance. It’s pretty simple why we love ALBA OPTICS at NOMAD: The brand’s one-of-a-kind sunglasses provide great protection in a wide variety of conditions – in Canada or wherever we happen to be chasing a Strava local legend title.

#5: Cycling Helmet

We love our dads, right? Well, what could be more thoughtful than the gift of safety?

It goes without saying that a helmet is a must-have for all cyclists – beginners and pros alike – to protect from potential injuries on outdoor rides year-round.

We're pretty pumped about our newly-stocked POC and ABUS helmets. The POC Ventral Air MIPS NFC Helmet boasts all of the standard features of the award-winning Ventral Air MIPS and benefits from the inclusion of a twICEme® NFC Medical ID, making it ideal for remote individual adventures or wilderness rides.

Poc Ventral Air MIPS NFC front

The ABUS AirBreaker Helmet will mean dad never has to compromise. The honeycomb structure of the innovative Multi Speed design means the AirBreaker offers aerodynamic performance and optimum ventilation. We love this helmet in the summer when we are seeking maximum cooling.

Bike Gifts for Dad


#6: New Wheels

While we love all of the gift ideas in this Father's Day guide, this is arguably the ultimate gift for dad.

If you're after a jaw-dropping reaction from dad, check out the TOKEN Konax Tri Disc TLR Wheelset. Named after the KONA Triathlon World Championship, these wheels feature a 76mm rim depth and the “OAD” aerodynamic design has been adapted to ensure the wheels have optimum aerodynamic efficiency.

Token Konax Tri Disc front wheel

If you want to express your eternal gratitude to dad without breaking the bank (he'll understand), consider the TOKEN C25AD Prime TLR Disc Wheelset. These wheels are for those who want a practical upgrade for everyday riding. These wheels punch above their (low) weight to drive top performance.

Token C25AD Prime TLR Disc rear wheel

TOKEN is known for producing wheels that rival the giant brands of the sport at prices that are more in line with everyday wallets. They don't guarantee the cheapest products on the market (would you want them to?), but they stand behind their quality every day.

At NOMAD, we only carry high quality products that we use ourselves as cyclists. As soon as we put a set of TOKEN wheels on our favourite road bike, we understood the hype around the brand. Dad will, too.

#7: PARK TOOL Cycling Kits & Accessories

PARK TOOL offers the ultimate tool kit for cyclists everywhere. Dad will love it.

The PARK TOOL EK-3 Cycling Tool Set is a professional tool set designed and built for portability. It is perfect for team and event mechanics or the home mechanic who wants the ultimate portable tool kit (sound like dad?). Optimally organized in PARK TOOL's world-famous BX-2.2 Blue Box Tool Case, this tool kit features 56 of the brand's top tools to perform hundreds of repair and maintenance tasks. Plus, the bomb-proof Blue Box features pockets, pouches, straps and open space for more tools and parts.

Park Tool EK-3 Cycling Tool Set

If dad isn't that hardcore, consider the PARK TOOL SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter. It is the perfect way for dad to start a bike tool collection. This starter kit offers a combination of tools to support dad to clean, adjust, maintain, and perform basic bike repairs. It includes more than 15 PARK TOOL products that can perform dozens of tasks, and includes a custom PARK TOOL toolbox with extra space for spare parts and (yes!) more tools.

There's more.

The PARK TOOL PB-1 Portable Workbench is a workbench that folds for easy transport and storage. Help dad to stop breaking his back picking up his tools off the floor as he works on his bike. The large table top includes specially-sized slots for all of dad's tools. The solid foldable legs can hold up to 100 lbs so that dad can put his toolbox right on top.

Does dad spend too much of his wrench time looking for the next tool or that top cap that was ‘right there’? Whether dad is a tinkering hobbyist or a full-fledged mechanic working on bikes all day long, he likely needs his tools (and bevvies!) at his fingertips.

Want to keep it fun?

We love the PARK TOOL STL-2 Swiveling Stool. It is ideal for dad to easily maneuver around the bike while making adjustments. You might say it’s a bit of a luxury accessory, but dad deserves it.

Park Tool STL-2 Swiveling Stool

#8: Bike Pump

While maintaining a bike and gear doesn’t measure up to the fun of actually riding, sporting the flashiest apparel, or upgrading leading-edge gadgets to take performance measurement up a notch, it is critical for longevity. If you want to get dad excited about maintaining his bike (say, by ensuring the proper tire pressure), consider the SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition Pump from the "luxury gifts for cyclists category".

This pump masterfully combines the multi-award winning SuperPista Ultimate Pump with the multi-award winning Hiro Locking presta chuck. There's a reason it's called the Ultimate edition: It's the pinnacle of what a floor pump can achieve - and it's used by the Pro Tour. From the highly accurate analog gauge, to the magnetic Hiro dock, to the lathe turned Purpleheart wood handle, this floor pump embodies the SILCA mantra of passion, precision, and performance. So, who’s it for? Passionate (dad) cyclists that desire a highly efficient floor pump that will last for years and make them feel like a pro. They deserve it, right?

#9: Bike Locks

What do most cyclists need? Bicycle locks. At NOMAD, we carry a wide selection. The ABUS Granit CityChain XPlus 1060 ushers in top-level security in a heavy chain style. If dad has a high-value bike to lock up at home, then this is the lock for him. The seven test seals from different countries speak for themselves: The GRANIT CityChain XPlus™ from ABUS is among the most secure bicycle locks on the international market. This lock has been awarded security level 15, the highest ABUS security system level. The chain, body, and structural parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured from specially hardened steel and make theft considerably more difficult.

If you're seeking an option for dad that's a wee bit more affordable and transportable, check out the ABUS Ultimate 420. There are locks - and then there is the Ultimate 420. This shackle lock will deter potential thieves just by looking at it and can be easily mounted to the frame to take with you. Thirteen millimetres of hardened special steel and aggressive colouring make it immediately clear to any bicycle thief that they have no chance here.

Armed with these locks, you can single-handedly give dad the gift of peace of mind this Father's day.

#10: NOMAD Gift Card

Still can't decide? Is dad tricky to please? We know, cycling gifts for men and women, alike, can be difficult.

A NOMAD gift card will give dad the gift of countless cycling must-have goodies. With a gift card, dad can choose from our 40+ brands that avid cyclists know and love - SILCA, SIDI, GARMIN, EVOC, FIZIK, PIRELLI, and more. At NOMAD, we're pleased to offer gift cards for any denomination between $5 and $1000. There are no hidden fees and gift cards can be applied to anything in store. Give dad the gift of choosing his own adventure. You can have the virtual gift card sent directly to dad, or have it sent to you to share with dad at your leisure.

Still Stuck?

We’re here for you. Contact us at, and we would be happy to talk through these (and other!) options with you to ensure dad gets the perfect gift this Father's Day.

Happy celebrating!

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