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June 30, 2021

Summer Cycling: 10 Must-Haves For Your Kit

It's been super hot in Canada this summer so if you're out on your bike, it's crucial to have the correct kit. Here are ten must-haves from our emporium that are perfect for your summer cycling kit, and there's no better time to visit our online shop with our Tour de France sale running until July 4th.

Summer Cycling Must-Haves: On Top

#1: CASTELLI Climber's 3.0 SL Jersey

Castelli created this high-quality men's jersey with the hottest days of summer cycling in mind. This jersey is all about airflow. Its unique shoulder construction and the 3D-printed fabric used on its back work to prevent overheating. It's quick to dry, which is crucial in these conditions so you don't get weighed down by your sweat, and it also blocks more than 90% of UV rays from reaching your skin. Developed for Team Ineos, if it's good enough for the WorldTour, it's probably good enough for you.

#2: CASTELLI Primavera Jersey

The design of this women's jersey certainly stands out and will look great on the roads. If you're out at the crack of dawn to avoid the sun, the Primavera is ideal. The jersey remains lightweight throughout your ride thanks to the ProSecco Micromesh used in the main body's construction, and it features mesh side panels for extra breathability. The Micromesh works to keep you dry by wicking sweat and prevents the sluggish feeling of being wrapped in layers of sticky weather.

#3: POC Essential Road Logo Jersey

If you're looking for a slightly more cost effective summer cycling jersey, the POC Essential Road Logo Jersey is ideal. Thanks to our sale, it comes in at just under $100, but is still a super breathable and high-wicking jersey thanks to the polyester fabric. This construction means that there is ample flexibility for ventilation and temperature regulation. There is an additional zip pocket for your cell phone when you need that extra confidence in a jersey's security. It comes in solid uranium black or a more summer friendly sulfur yellow.

#4: SPORTFUL Kelly W Sleeveless Jersey

This more lightweight women's jersey screams casual summer rides. The value for money is great, too, and its quick-wicking fabric construction will help keep you dry. It can be used off the bike, too, for running or even at the gym as the concealed elasticated waist with silicone grip prevents it from riding up. Made for those days when you just can't be dealing with sleeves. But remember to lather on the sunscreen!

#5: SPORTFUL Thermodynamic Lite T-Shirt

A base layer in summer may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but their construction makes them super useful in high heat. Take this men's Sportful Thermodynamic Lite T-Shirt for example. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, this layer has excellent temperature regulation to deal with sweat and ensure you're not left feeling clammy on the bike.

#6: CASTELLI Pro Mesh W Base Layer

This super lightweight women's base layer works on similar principles. Even at the height of summer cycling, on long descents, pushing through the air will give you a chill on your chest. Wearing something like this underneath your jersey may prevent any potential summer lurgy. A 3D mesh fabric is used here and ensures high levels of moisture management, keeping sweat from making your jersey feel damp. Not only that, but the layer is extremely comfortable and just look at that design!

Summer Cycling Must-Haves: On Bottom

#7: SPORTFUL Total Comfort Bibshort

If you're heading out on long early morning rides, you will also need to keep your personal comfort in mind. The right size ought to fit like a glove thanks to silicone cuffs that keep you gripped but not too tightly. The minimal Total Comfort pad has a variable thickness and works with the pad's size and the shorts' seamless construction to prevent the chafing that can occur over long distances. For breathability, there are little holes, or perforations, in the bib straps to prevent them from feeling tight against the skin. That way you don't get that nasty mid-summer strap sweat and possible heat rash. Made with ultra-riders in mind, it will be difficult to find comfier shorts.

#8: CASTELLI Free Aero Race 4 W

These women's-specific shorts were designed to be raced in, but their super lightweight construction makes them perfect for summer riding. The mesh bib strap works to wick sweat and prevent the shorts from feeling sticky against your skin. Although they look minimalistic, they pack a whole lot of comfort and aerodynamic boosting technologies in them, including a women's-specific chamois and vortex dimpled fabric. At just 156g, these shorts are perfect for hot days.

Summer Cycling Must-Haves: Everywhere Else

#9: CASTELLI A/C Cycling

When the sun's out and the heat is on, a cap can make a big difference. For one, it helps to keep the light from your eyes but, more specifically, this ‘casquette’ from Castelli is made from a highly ventilated mesh. This works to wick moisture from your head - one of the areas you sweat the most - and allows a free flow of air to prevent overheating. There's no wonder that they call this the A/C cap.

#10: ALBA OPTICS Solo Black

We have a whole fleet of sunglasses from Alba Optics and POC in our emporium, so it's worth checking them all out, but we're going to focus on this pair for now. With a comfortable Tr90 frame and adjustable temple fit, you will barely realize you're wearing them. The crucial thing for summer though is the Solo’s VZUM lenses. Made from scratch resistant material, the lenses have integrated UV and blue light absorption and colour-equalizing tint. They are handmade in Italy and are certainly some of the most quality shades we've ever seen.

Summer Cycling Must-Haves: What Else?

If you are cycling in this heat, there are a few things to remember. Focus on riding in the early hours of the day to avoid the midday sun, cover yourself in sunscreen, ride with a friend for assistance, and constantly hydrate. Take as many bottles as possible and drink up to two bottles or more every hour.

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